I want Ron Paul to be the next President of the United States. There it is. Out in the open. I have NEVER endorsed a political candidate in my life before now. As Bill Maher stated in on his television show, he is my new hero.

I have followed Ron Paul’s career for about 4 years now, ever since I read “The Creature from Jekyll Island” by Edward Griffin, an excellent book for those of you that have not read it. In this book, Ed exposes the motives and the connections of the players that constructed the Federal Reserve Act, passed into law on December 22, 1913, under the Woodrow administration. It is a fascinating (and horrifying) documentary of the money interests that pulled one of the greatest scams in recent American history.

Ron Paul understands what type of hideous creature the Fed is. He has understood it for most of his political life. In his current campaign to be the next president of the United States, he advocates a return to the founding fathers intention of what the Constitutional framework was supposed to be. Not like what is happening today.

One of his goals is to abolish the Federal Reserve, eliminate the IRS, and thusly eliminate income tax on the American people. The IRS came into being shortly after the Federal Reserve did to ensure that the people could be taxed in order to collect money at the federal level, just to pay the debt to the Federal Reserve, not to pay for the services and departments the government operates today. The Fed and the IRS scams allow the continued operation of Big Government. It allows the government to issue debt to finance all of these large government departments and mostly, fund the Imperial Empire (also known as “Nation Building” i.e. war, “police actions”, foreign meddling etc etc).

Imagine a Presidential candidate saying this. Can you imagine Obama, Hillary, Mitt or the other marionettes saying this? Ron Paul is saying this. Until Dr. Paul came along, I mentally made the analogy that the Democrats and the Republicans as two Mafia families. Oh sure, they have turf war disputes and publicly breathe fire and rhetoric against each other, but they both descend down on the those folks that threaten the Racket of the Fed and the IRS.

Instead of giving us endless stories about David Beckham, Lindsay Lohan, Britney Spears and who or what Paris Hilton is doing, don’t ya think that the American people would be interested in a candidate that is promising to eliminate income tax? Imagine the kind of freedom that would give you and your family! If you are fiscally prudent, you could use that extra income (that you sweated to earn) to pay down your mortgage (unethically created by your bank as credit – backed by nothing but your promise to pay it) faster and hopefully become debt free. And make no mistake folks, debt equals slavery. With all that extra money in your pocket, you could spend it on the things you want and need. Wouldn’t that give a boost the economy?

However, mainstream media is conspicuously silent on Ron Paul. Why? They certainly give airtime to the empty rhetoric spewed forth by Mitt Romney, Hillary Clinton, and the other clones. In fact, they give more time to Fred Thompson, who hasn’t even formally joined the race! Why? Now for most of you who know me, I am not what you would call a conspiracy nut. I do not have a “tinfoil hat” that I wear to my meetings with my extra-terrestrial overlords. That said, neither do I mindlessly swallow what mainstream tells me.

I think mainstream has been silent on Ron Paul because they have been instructed to do so. Oh sure, I think journalists cover his appearances, but when it comes time to publish content, I think that Ron Paul stories are bumped in favour of other stories or simply left on the cutting room floor. I wonder how many journalists spent time and effort on a Ron Paul story only to have their news organizations bump them. If any of you journalists have had first hand experience with this, I would love to hear from you.

Mass media control is in the hands of fewer and fewer corporate conglomerates as mergers and acquisitions take place. So what is the purpose of mass media? To educate and inform? Not a chance. If you look at them from the perspective of a business, they are like any other business. Increase revenues and minimize costs. What are their revenue streams? Subscriptions? Well yes, but I imagine that subscriptions are not nearly as lucrative as their advertising contracts. What are their cost streams? Primarily, the production of content. You know…the stuff that is sandwiched between the advertisements. Therefore, one could say that the Prime Directive of the news media is:

“To bring the audience to the advertisor.”

Period. End of story. Full stop. So if the goal is to increase revenues and minimize costs, it is only logical to assume that the cost of developing content is under constant pressure to be minimized. Hence the creation of subscription based content organizations such as Reuters and the Associated Press. For a fee, a news organization can subscribe to these agencies to receive content. This subscription entitles the subscriber to reprint these articles. I am sure it is a whole heck of a lot cheaper than hiring their own reporters to cover the same story, or at least allow a news organization to reduce staff while ensuring that the psychological threshold of content appearing in a given media stream is met to ensure the consumer (i.e the reader) keeps consuming (i.e. keeps buying the newspaper). Too many ads and not enough content will turn off a reader at some point. Too much content and not enough advertisers will not maximize revenue or cost the media organization to run at a loss.

OK. Enough. So what does this all have to do with Ron Paul? There is no doubt mainstream media houses some very wealthy corporate executives. These executives are wined and dined like any other wealthy folks. They have political stripes. They can be influenced and in turn influence others. They are in the presence of the affluent and in turn are affluent themselves. The affluent mingle amongst each other. The middle class mingle with the middle class. The poor generally mingle amongst the poor. This is perfectly normal human psychology.

As much as I hate to say it, I have been scanning mainstream media for a long time looking for their reports on Ron Paul. All I can hear is crickets chirping. Occasionally he is mentioned, but it is usually in conjunction with the results of a straw poll, where other “top-tier” – a media branded term – candidates are running. They publish what falls out of the mouths of other candidates, but not what Ron Paul says. Why? Don’t you agree that the elimination of the IRS, the Federal Reserve, and income tax (whether you agree with that or not) would be of staggering interest to the American public?

Ron Paul threatens the status quo, and rightly so. I am forced to think that the media is mouthpiece of that status quo. Bottom line? The media bosses have been “encouraged” not to follow his progress. An excellent (but a bit dry) book to read is Noam Chomsky’s “Manufacturing Consent” to understand the mass media. So here is how they are attacking Ron Paul:

  • First, you ignore him. If you can keep the American public from learning about his message, how can they understand and vote for him?
  • If he is ignored, he must resort to other means of spreading his message, namely that wild west of a medium, the Internet. Indeed I have seen mainstream media refer to his following time and time again as “Internet based”. Is this supposed to discredit his following in the eyes of the general public as “whacky”? I am sure that the other candidates have their followers on the Web, but mainstream does not categorize their support base like they do with Dr. Paul’s supporters.
  • OK. So let’s suppose that he cannot be ignored. Let’s suppose he wins enough votes to put him as a “top-tier” candidate. In order to maintain a shred of credibility, mainstream is forced to report on him. Guess what happens? Out come the guns. They will launch “character assassination” tactics on him. Bring out the “dirty laundry”, so to speak. I am sure ALL candidates have skeletons in their closet, but the media will not bother to dig. Out come all the editorials in mainstream trying to denounce him in some way. Will the American public buy into it? Since critical thinking has been bred out of most of us (and these non thinkers have the right to vote) the answer, sadly, is a very strong yes.
  • If that fails, and if Ron Paul becomes the next GOP leader, and we go to the polls to elect our next President, what do you think will happen? If we use electronic voting machines, there will be a problem. What is that? Well, the issue is that these machines can (and have) been rigged. Scoffing at that? Don’t. It has been admitted and even reported by the mainstream drones that they are fully capable of reversing votes and leaving no one the wiser. Have a look at these:

Experts Easily Reverse Diebold Results

Computer Programmer testifies that Tom Feeney (Speaker of the House of Florida at the time ) tried to pay him to rig election vote counts.

As Joseph Stalin once said, “Those who vote decide nothing. Those who count the votes decide everything.”.

  • If that fails, and he is voted in as President, what are the odds he might meet with some “unfortunate” accident as he shakes up the den of vipers? God forbid, but I leave that one to you to ponder.

My wife and I frequently discuss Ron Paul. I would love to donate to his campaign. I would love to work for his campaign. Trouble is that I can’t. Why? I am Canadian. Ron Paul raises the bar. We too have our version of the Federal Reserve and the IRS (The Bank of Canada and the CRA – Canadian Revenue Agency). I wish we had political leaders that had half the integrity he does, instead of the hacks we have. I would take a sabbatical from work to walk the Canadian border, from Vancouver to Montreal, to raise awareness of Ron Paul, assuming mainstream would not ignore me or the fact that I have very young kids to support. My wife told me that she would have walked with me, but for the kids. However, I did order a Ron Paul campaign shirt and will wear it with pride.

Ron Paul has inspired my normally cynical attitude to make a positive change. He has taught me that despite the odds, being cynical accomplishes precisely zero. Cynicism has never been a vehicle for change. It just leaves you angry, sarcastic and bitter, while you sit in an armchair and criticize and sneer at the world and it’s crippling stupidity. Sure, you might be right, and probably are, but cynicism is a form of “soul cancer” and sooner or later, people will stop listening to you as you are the “cloud behind the silver lining”.

Yes, the odds are stacked against Ron Paul. However, he is using the remainder of his political career to spread the message. America owes it to themselves, their children, and their children’s children to listen to his message and vote him as the next President of the United States and return it to the most admired country in the world.