I can’t tell you how sad a picture like this makes me:


What could be so interesting to these photographers? Would you believe that is for an Oscar de la Renta Spring 2008 collection show during New York Fashion Week?

Holy crap. How utterly useless is that?

Look at them. Think about all the salaries paid to these folks. Think of all the travel/meal expenses. Think about the money they spend into the local economy while they are there. And for what? Report to their respective media outlets on this superficial, inane, vacuous…nothing?  A few scraps of cloth merit this type of worship to human vanity?

Think about a candidate like Ron Paul, running for the leadership of the Republican Party in the United States, who is spreading a message of returning to the Constitution, ending trumped up wars, implementing sound money, advocating the abolition of the Federal Reserve and the IRS, restoring freedom and liberty, and eliminating income tax! Ya think that would be interesting to the American public more than a freaking fashion show?!?!

Yet mainstream media is routinely censoring him or ignoring him. Take a look at the following:


This picture was taken from Fox News:

Note the commentors exchange:

SEAN HANNITY, CO-HOST: All right, it is time now for the final results from our text messaging poll.

And in first tonight, Ron Paul. He is having all those 3 percent of people call in, I’m sure. (That’s right, Dr. Paul got all those folks to text in…Don’t other candidates supporters know how to text in and text in often?) He got 33…

ALAN COLMES, CO-HOST: Maybe he just did very well. (Ya think?)

HANNITY: He got 33 percent. Well, it happens.

Canada has the equivalent of Ron Paul here as well. Her name is Connie Fogal, and she is the leader of the Canadian Action Party (CAP). Yeah, the name is kinda lame, but the message isn’t. Check out their website here.

Boy, if this type of fodder is more interesting to people than the messages of Ron Paul and the CAP, I am doomed as the huddled masses are taking me there…