Ron Paul’s campaign drive started last week to raise half a million dollars. Donations came in so fast that it easily blew past that mark and as of this morning the figure sits at $1,207,511.77!

This is incredible! For a man who’s message has been shunned by the mass media or scoffed at because he has an “internet driven following” – whatever that means – proves that there are hard dollars given by that “crazy wacko group” that support Dr. Paul’s message.

Don’t be fooled. There are a great number of people that support Dr. Paul’s message. Here is what I think is the reason he is not scoring high in the official polls:

  • Polls don’t call cellphones. A great deal of what I term “the younger crowd – ages 25 -45)” forgo your typical “land line” and exclusively use a cell phone. Think about it. Where do you get your telemarketing calls? Ever get one on your cell phone on average? I don’t.
  • We all know about low voter turnout. In the baby-boomer group, the percentage of low voter turnout will remain the same. However, those who do know Dr. Paul, come hell or highwater, will ensure they place a big ol’ “X” right beside his name. I think those people will turn out to the polls in numbers close to damn near 100%. Ron Paul is a shining gem in a pile of shit.
  • When telemarketers/pollsters do call, do you spend time answering their questions? I don’t. I hang up. You know someone has paid for their time. Why? What is it they want from you? I for one refuse to give them any information that will help them figure out how to sell their product or message to me. I refuse to allow them to “take my pulse”. If I am in a particularly jaunty mood and I have time between running with my kids, I will lie my ass off to every question they ask me. Just to skew the results. Just so I can muck with the standard deviation calculations. I want to be the deviation or deviant. 😉 You should too. They’ll stop calling if they know if the results are worthless.

Keep the faith, folks. Keep the faith. Yeah, I know Ron Paul is a long shot….or so they would have us believe. Now as long as we can keep the damn Diebold rigged election machines out of the process, we might stand a chance.

People who cannot afford to give to Ron Paul, do. No “big money” will stand behind him. People mail in a dollar to his campaign. One woman walked 30 miles for his message. Another woman asked her wedding guests to donate to Ron Paul’s campaign in lieu of gifts!  Can you name another candidate who’s supporters will do the same?

Why? Why do people do this? Perhaps it is because they care. Perhaps they want to see Ron Paul in the Oval Office. They want to see the current hijackers in office kicked out. They want America to be restored to the envy of the world. They want America to be what it was, for their sakes and their children’s sake. For all of our sakes.

They want their country back!