So you clicked my ad in Facebook that brought you here. Welcome!

Yes I am Canadian. As such, I cannot donate to a candidate or vote in your elections.

This is a good law, as I should not be allowed to meddle in your elections.

But there is no law that says that I cannot express my opinion or pay for it via the Facebook ad you clicked on to get here. You have a candidate that comes along once in a lifetime. This is your chance. I urge you to discover what this man is saying. Don’t let mainstream media report it for you. They have routinely censored this man’s message, and labelled him with terms like “isolationist” when he is a “non-interventionist” simply because they (a) failed to understand the meaning of the term or (b) wanted to portray him as a radical. I could go on, but your time is as valuable as my money you spent when you clicked the Facebook Flyer ad to get here.

I am not a big corporation with a deep advertisement budget. I am just a Canadian family guy who wants a better future for his children. When Ron Paul becomes your next President and implements his message, the entire world will sit up and take notice and ask hard questions of their leaders. I know Canada will, “Why can’t we do what the Americans did? They took back their country, and look how well they are doing!” We love you, and respect you deeply. Please. For your children’s futures, take your country back.

Please do all you can to help his campaign, but in particular, the event on November 5th. So please, don’t waste my money. For all of our sakes, donate at least $100.00 to Ron Paul’s campaign at this site on November 5th:

And make him your next President.

Discover what he is about:

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Ron Paul Interview: Part 2

Ed’s Note: Here is what the Facebook ad looked like:

You have the man to do it

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