Wow. What we accomplished on the 5th was staggering. Joyous. We defined patriotism that day.

Mainstream Media learned something yesterday:

They are not in control of the news. We can organize without them, despite their best efforts to suppress Dr. Paul.

However, they are spinning the impact as usual. Using terms like “viral campaign” (to frame it as something sinister). They use headlines like “Ron Paul claims to have raised 4 Million dollars”. They would not use that term on the same headline with their sanctioned clones like Romney and Guiliani.

We have work to do. Can we do it again on November 11th? That is Remembrance Day in Canada and Veterans Day in America. Remember our fallen. Those who gave their lives for freedom. Those who died for our Independence and our Constitution. I can think of no better way than to observe two minutes of silence by remembering the dead, what they gave to our Country, and donate as much as you can to Ron Paul’s campaign during that period of silence or sometime that day, to honour our soldiers.

Remember the 5th of November,
the day we valiantly fought.
To restore our freedom and Constitution,
from the betrayers who want it to rot.

The 11th of November is a day we remember,
to American soldiers that heeded their Country’s call.
There is no better way, than to honour this day,
by donating to Dr. Ron Paul.

The betrayers will fight us,
but Ron Paul unites us,
despite mainstream medias hush.

they can’t stop the this rush. – tedez

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Spread the word. Take America back.