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I have been reading MSM (MainStream Media) blurbs with respect to the Ron Paul November 5th, 2007 event where grassroots supporters rallied to donate over 4 Million dollars in a single day to Ron Paul’s campaign. This, in my opinion, was phenomenal. It wasn’t organized by a big corporation or other type of power center. It was by “word of mouth” – transmitted via the Internet. It certainly had little to no MSM coverage.

That kind of money donated in a single day attracts attention. A lot of attention. I would guesstimate that this $4M bought him $40M in free publicity. Money attracts money.

So, with that in mind, I wanted to see how MSM would frame, spin, and present this piece of news to the public. Since a number of media outlets do not write the story themselves, but rather subscribe to paid news feeds like Reuters and/or Associated Press (AP), as it is more cost effective to do so, I took a standard AP article that seemed to be popping up in a number of publications. With this in hand, I present to you the article in it’s entirety and inject comments for you to ponder.

This article was taken from Yahoo News, but it’s verbage wasn’t limited to Yahoo. I saw it paraphrased on most MSM outlets. Here we go:

Ron Paul’s money draws fresh attention

By JIM KUHNHENN, Associated Press Writer Tue Nov 6, 6:51 PM ET

WASHINGTON – Ron Paul‘s head-snapping fundraising puts a new face on a campaign that the media, politicians and much of the public had relegated to the sidelines.

Framing Statement – The public did not relegate him to the sidelines. The public includes all the people who have supported him right from the beginning. This statements serves to paint a background of Ron Paul being a “dark horse”. Mainstream media routinely censors and/or omits Ron Paul’s message from being heard. Politicians want to relegate Paul to the sidelines as he spreads a message of limited government and thus limited power for those politicians lining up at the tax/power trough.

The Texas congressman is now the presidential candidate tugging at the establishment’s coat.

More framing – “the underdog” portrayal. Is Paul really an underdog? Or is it simply MSM has not chosen Paul as electable – based on their so called “polling” – but we will come to that later.

Funneled through the Internet, Paul’s one-day loot totaled $4.3 million from about 37,000 donors, considered the largest sum ever collected online in a single day by a GOP candidate.


Paul is indeed an online force who attracts support from people who do not fit easily into the standard Democratic and Republican political pigeonholes. His fame, as much as it is, stems from the political shorthand that has defined his candidacy: The only Republican opposed to the war in Iraq.

No it isn’t. It is not merely Paul’s opposition to the war in Iraq that defined his candidacy. He wants to limit government’s power. He also wants to eliminate the Fed, who create the insidious and surreptitious inflation tax, but I think of more interest to the American voter – if they would just mention it – is Paul’s opposition to the IRS, promising that he will dismantle that hideous organization and eliminate income tax on labour for the American voter. Ya think that would be interesting to the public?! Yet that particular point of his message is either not publicized or, at the very least, spun with the phrase, “Paul favours low taxes.” or “Paul favours a flat tax.”. Paul said it best on Jay Leno: “Yes, I do favour a flat tax … i.e. zero.”

The reference to “online force” is superfluous (not needed). It is simply a group of people (larger than MSM would want to admit) that support RP’s method. What other force exists? Is there such thing as an offline force? Indeed I have seen Paul supporters come out to his rallies and chant, “Were not just the Internet!” These are real people who use the only free speech mechanism left.

The “gorilla in the room” they are not addressing is the question, “Why are all of the other candidates supporters not rallying behind their man/woman and showering them with money bombs?”.

I sparred with the editor of a local paper recently when he denied printing my letter as he “found no evidence of a 9/11 conspiracy ( I was not wearing a tinfoil hat – just asking some questions), found it utter nonsense, and considered the questions I asked too juvenile for his publication.”. No doubt based on his extensive education, his hours of research he spent independently pursuing the truth about 9/11, and the after-effects of it. Not a chance. He was simply a perpetrator of MSM ignorance. It is the same as their take on Ron Paul.

But Paul leans libertarian in his ideology and cites the Constitution as his guide. He opposes law enforcement or anti-terrorism measures that he believes encroach on civil liberties. His views on small government extend to weakening if not eliminating the Education Department. He favors limiting immigration and strengthening border security.

In that sense, he appeals to voters who may be happy mixing and matching their political views.

Spin Statement – Paul’s supporters are “flighty and inconsistent”. His message is not picked “a la carte” by voters. His message serves as the bedrock foundation of the principles America was founded on, and what every President sworn into office promises to uphold – the Constitution.

To other Republicans, Paul represents an enigma. Does his support suggest a potential base of support that could surprise them two months from now on caucus day in Iowa or primary day in New Hampshire? Or does the money he is collecting from this below-the-radar base buy him support among more traditional, mainstream voters?

Framing statement – again, the implication that Ron Paul’s supporters are some sort of fringe element. What the hell is a traditional mainstream voter anyway? Ah, the uneducated, uninformed voter. The voter that looks up once and a while from their daily MSM dose of Britney, Lindsay, and Paris to mark an “X” on their card without having a freaking clue who the candidate, what they represent, or they heard the name from a friend. The voter who simply votes for the name they most often heard in MSM.

New Hampshire Republican Party Chairman Fergus Cullen said Paul has the potential to upend the early primaries with a third or fourth-place finish in the state, above some of the candidates who are expected to be among the top contenders.

“He’s got potential because there is a segment of the Republican electorate that is opposed to the war and is maybe anti-internationalist,” Cullen said. “The Pat Buchanan wing of the party, if you will.”

Pat Buchanan used an isolationist message and opposition to international trade deals to win the 1996 Republican presidential primary in New Hampshire.

Paul has said repeatedly that he is not an “isolationist”, nor do his views support that label. This is a clever statement. It is trying to draw the reader into the conclusion that Paul is an isolationist and anti-trade (thus anti-business, even though Paul has said that he is a “non-interventionist” and has often said that he would “dialogue with other nations, trade with them, but alliances with none.” The writer of this story failed to include this … unsurprisingly.

“He has that segment of the electorate all to himself,” Cullen said.

Cullen said Paul does not appear to be pulling support away from any of the leading Republican candidates, and that his backing is coming from new or disaffected voters. It’s an assessment the Paul campaign does not dispute.

“My hunch would be that a lot of the new donors who are coming in are people who have not been involved in politics,” said Jonathan Bydlak, Paul’s fundraising director.

That’s because for the first time, the public can vote for a candidate, not the usual mantra: “I voted for X, because I didn’t want Y to get in.”. It is not the usual voting for the “lessor of two evils”, picking from the pot of the evils of two lessors.

Again, the above paragraphs serve to minimize the importance of Ron Paul’s support base.

A check of Paul’s Internet support shows a vast array of fans. Libertarian sites sing his praises, as do anti-war veterans and voters angry at the Internal Revenue Service and at what they perceive is government intrusion.

Where was this checked? Is there a database profiling his supporters? Notice the discrediting of the voters viewpoints with the phrase “what they perceive is government intrusion” instead of the phrase “at government intrusion”. You don’t think the IRS is government intrusion? It completely is. You don’t think sending America’s soldiers to fight a war that was sold to the public on trumped up evidence and public lies (Weapons of Mass Destruction that were never found or Iraq had ties to Al-Qaida) is government intrusion? You don’t think the Federal Reserve creating to much money (they call it “injections of liquidity”) devaluing the savings and spending power of American savers and seniors as government intrusion?

He also attracts support in some fringe, anti-Semitic or white supremacist Web sites, even though Paul himself strongly rejects those views.

Framing Statement – Demonize Ron Paul supporters. And other mainstream candidates don’t have supporters of this ilk? If so, why not mention that in other candidates media coverage? This has no point being here at all.

“He has this very small but very enthusiastic group of supporters,” said Republican strategist David Winston, who has studied the political use of new media. “It gives him the resources, but his problem is what’s the message that grows his support? That he has been unable to solve.”

This is so patently stupid. His message DID grow his support that DID create the November 5th event that DID give him the resources. If MSM would stop censoring him and give him equal coverage he WOULD have more money, and more supporters. He IS solving it. His supporters are telling their friends by word of mouth, a very powerful motivator, and that frustrates MSM to no end. That someone is gaining in popularity that isn’t on their “blessed” list.

Monday’s fundraising event was conceived by Paul supporter Trevor Lyman, a musician who runs a music promotion Web site and who is not affiliated to the congressman’s presidential campaign. Lyman created a Web site, ThisNovember5th.com, using the British observance of Guy Fawkes Day as a hook to generate money.

Fawkes, a mercenary who participated in an unsuccessful plot to assassinate King James I on Nov. 5, 1605, is the model for the protagonist in the graphic novel and movie “V for Vendetta.” Using clips from the movie and the English schoolyard refrain “Remember, remember the 5th of November,” Lyman’s Web site spread the word.

V for Vendetta was a very apt movie to use as an analogy as to what is happening in America today. The rise of a fascist government that used fear tactics (by killing 80,000 of their own people with a super-virus to test it’s effectiveness) into conning the people into turning their liberties over to the government in return for their “safety”. Was 9/11 the same thing? I am not going to get into who, what, or why it was caused, but the consequences of 9/11 WAS the same thing. Day by day, legislation is being introduced into the government that strips people of their rights such as the Patriot Act, or HR 1955. We have been conned into supporting a never ending war against terror. The other notable theme in “V” was the duplicity of the BTN (British Television Network) who wholly participated in the spreading of propaganda and or the censoring of news to support the governments agenda. Ring a bell CNN? MSNBC? Remember how Fox News rabidly supported the war in Iraq – using marionettes like Bill O’Reilly to spew the venom? I also noticed that the above paragraph used the word protagonist instead of hero…hmmm….show of hands for the average American who knows what protagonist means? I thought so. They probably think it is something sinister:

pro·tag·o·nist [proh-taguh-nist] Pronunciation KeyShow IPA Pronunciation –noun

1. the leading character, hero, or heroine of a drama or other literary work.
2. a proponent for or advocate of a political cause, social program, etc.
3. the leader or principal person in a movement, cause, etc.
4. the first actor in ancient Greek drama, who played not only the main role, but also other roles when the main character was offstage. Compare deuteragonist, tritagonist.
5. Physiology. agonist.

A new Web site is now calling on veterans to donate to Paul on Sunday, Veteran’s Day. And Lyman promises another fundraising event in mid-December.

“We’ve accomplished much and have added greatly to the Ron Paul advertising arsenal,” Lyman declared online Tuesday.

Trevor did a stellar job.

Paul, who raised a stunning $5.2 million in the third quarter of the year, is devoting a significant amount of resources to New Hampshire. He is running a $1.1 million television advertising campaign and his lawn signs are common. He recently sent out a 12-page piece of mail throughout the state as well.

He plans to be in the state on Wednesday and again on Friday. He stops include visits to The Telegraph, the newspaper in Nashua, and a taping with the state’s dominant television station WMUR-TV in Manchester. He has eight paid staffers in the state.

Members of the libertarian Free State Project, which adopted New Hampshire in 2003, were Paul’s initial toehold in the first-primary state, whose motto is “Live Free or Die.” But spokeswoman Kate Rick said that base has grown.

“There’s a lot of irritated social conservatives and traditional conservatives,” she said. “I think we’re also drawing support from independents in the state whose issues may be everything from anti-war to anti-tax or disliking things like No Child Left Behind or how Social Security or Medicaid is being run.”

No Child Left Behind? Social Security? What? I have spoken to MANY Ron Paul supporters over the last 6 months – not ONE mentioned any of that to me when I asked them why they support Ron Paul.

Maybe his supporters simply know the truth. Maybe they have their eyes opened. Maybe they have learned what MSM really is.

The challenge for Paul is to resolve the axiom posed by Winston:

“Money is a resource, not an outcome.”

Oh but it is … in the sense that you will write more stories and raise awareness of Ron Paul, so that his message will resonate with more and more people, galvanizing them at the polls. As long as we don’t use rigged electronic voting machines, he might win.

If he didn’t raise that money, would you have bothered to write this article? I thought so.


Associated Press writer Beverley Wang in Concord, N.H., contributed to this report.