Could the campaign pull out all the stops and start a national advertising campaign about the march on the convention center? We need a hook or meme in these ads like the old lady in those commercials, “Help! I’ve fallen and I can’t get up!” or “Where’s the beef?”

Maybe we could do 30 second spot where we have an animated America running around asking, “Have you seen my Constitution? I’ve lost my Constitution! Where is it?”, asking animated cartoons/caricatures of:Bush, Cheney, Rice etc. at first, then McCain, Obama, and Hillary. All of these caricatures would answer various expressions of “no” (i.e shrugging shoulders, ignoring the animated America, kicking it out of the room etc etc).

For example:
– Bush would shake his head and say “it’s nothing but a piece of paper!”
– Cheney would snarl, “No! Go away!” then bury his head into a newspaper that headlines, “Halliburton and Iraq: The money just keeps rolling in.”
– Obama would shrug then go back to his “Global Tax Bill: How to Bankrupt America”.
– Hillary who boots the Constitution out of the room, and picks up a report entitled, “Medicare: Wait till you see what it costs when it is free!”.
– Cut to Bernanke, who would shake his head, and go back to turning the crank on his printing press with breakneck speed, having money fly out of it, while a chart behind him entitled “Value of the Dollar” has a red line going down through the floor behind him and another “Inflation” chart going through the ceiling?
– Feel free to add other ideas and recognizable people here…

The animated America would become increasingly more frantic going from caricature to caricature until finally America hears off to the left of the screen the voice of the good Doctor gently saying, “I have it right here.”

Camera pans left, and there is Ron Paul (not a character, but the real man) holding the Constitution out toward the animated America. The America approaches him, jumps into his arms, then sighs with relief. Ron Paul looks at his new charge and says again, softly but firmly, “I will do what you entrusted me to do.” or “I will do right by you.”, something like that.

Fade to black with a screen that says:

Join us on our March for Freedom
Republican National Convention
[Insert Date and Place here]
Take America Back!

and in the background, Ron Paul’s voice would say:

“I’m Ron Paul.  I am still running for President, and I approve this message.”. 

Another idea, tapping into the style of those 3 minute long old “Schoolhouse Rock” videos, is to create similar ads explaining how money is created out of thin air, what inflation is and how it works, etc etc, but at all times, link it back to Ron Paul’s campaign. Forget the debates to get Ron Paul’s message out…if you can create a catchy song, “Conjunction junction, what’s your function?…” and have cartoons, you will have a captive audience.

As Doc Egerton at MIT said, “The trick to education is to teach people in such a way that they don’t realize they’re learning until it’s too late”

For those of you have no idea (and a blast from the past that do remember) what I am talking about, here is an example:

“How a Bill Becomes Law”:

Or even more relevant to this day and age: “Tyrannosaurus Debt”:


Those of you might remember the Schoolhouse Rock grammar lessons:

“Conjunction Junction”:

“A Noun is a Person, Place, or Thing.”:

Those of you who are younger will not appreciate the power of “Schoolhouse Rock”. It was huge in it’s day. All of us remember those songs, twenty or thirty years after we saw them last, permanently etched on our neurons.

I think if the campaign (or the talent embedded in the grassroots, harnessed via a contest) can create an ad campaign in the vein of “Schoolhouse Rock” to air the product The campaign could buy “B” or “C” time from media outlets and of course it would go viral on the internet.

If the campaign/grassroots could create a fad…wow.

We as Ron Paul supporters, who have tried to get the message out by reason or debate, have limited success converting people by reason. Yes, there are success stories, but the real issue is that people will look at you with, at best, a “glazed donut” look. At worst, they are downright hostile, no matter what type of tact you might exploit.

The ones we do reach are the survivors of government sponsored education. They churn out members of society that do not understand monetary theory, what inflation is, and lack understanding of the simplest financial planning, let alone how the markets are rigged and work. In short, they are trained to be good consumers, not to question authority, and have their critical thinking skills lobotomized. When did you ever take a class that challenged the legitimacy of government in a specific area or as a point in principle? When did you ever take a class explaining how money is created and destroyed? Did you ever debate fiat vs. the gold standard? You might hit that at the doctorate level, but not in high school or your first few years of your economics degree. What university professor is going to say, “The Federal Reserve is a fraudulent organization.”? or “Inflation is a hidden tax that allows the bankers and government to confiscate the people’s wealth without 1 in 100,000 people even knowing it.”?

Not going to happen. Forget mainstream. As someone once said, “The Ron Paul revolution will not be televised.”.

Bear in mind, this is your average voter:

This is why I proposed the animation approach. It’s fun. It’s funky. The tunes would be catchy! And it works. The only bottle neck is getting the message out there via our mainstream stations. They will roadblock it, but there are fads spread on the internet….

Just my two cents.

Imagine replacing, “Conjunction junction, what’s your function?…” with “Inflation Nation, your dollar’s depreciatin’…” Oh man, would it stick. The masses would be a snappin’ their fingers to that beat.

Then link the ad back to Ron Paul, “I am Ron Paul, and I approve this message”.