I read an article I stumbled across on the web yesterday. It was about people in a town called Oakville protesting Canada’s announcement that see Canada’s mission in Afghanistan extended to 2011.

Apparently, they picketed outside their government representatives’ offices to make their anti-war viewpoints known, calling on their MP’s to vote “NO” to the mission. They argue that after 6 years of Canadians being in Afghanistan, the place is more violent and unstable than ever. They are correct of course.

Although I certainly understand their sentiment, they are going about how they protest in the wrong way. In 1982, Reagan’s Secretary of State Alexander Haig made a telling statement. Hundreds of thousands of people had marched in New York City, protesting the administration’s Latin American foreign policies. When asked what he thought about the huge protest, Haig stated, “Let them protest all they want, as long as they pay their taxes.”

Haig defined the key.

If your government is doing something wrong that you don’t agree with, it really doesn’t matter as long as you pay your taxes. We will protest what they are doing, but then we pay our extortion ( we have been conditioned to use the euphemism “taxes”) fees out of fear that we will be arrested and/or evicted. The odds that government will listen to protesters to enact change is precisely zero – unless we stop paying our taxes on a large scale.

If these protesters said, “We think what the government is doing is wrong, and we calling on Canadians to stop paying their taxes until they stop wrongdoing!”, their story would not have been in the news at all as the news agencies are pro-state agents. Their purpose is to manufacture consent and to deliver the audience to the advertiser.

What citizens, including these protesters, do not internalize is that by the act of paying federal tax, they are accomplices to government crimes, including this blogger. We are providing the means enabling government to commit crimes.

Someone once said that the definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results. We don’t think what Authority is doing is legitimate, but we keep validating their legitimacy by appealing to them and paying extortion fees to them so they don’t arrest us or take our houses.

What we need to do at a protest is to make a pledge to each other:

“I solemnly swear that it is my moral and ethical duty to myself, my children, and humanity to withdraw my mental, physical, emotional, and spiritual energy from the corrupt, amoral, unethical cesspool called the Canadian Government. I will not give them any financial support, nor will I willingly accept any tax-funded benefits from them, as they have swindled and/or extorted others to give it to me. I will put my financial resources to better use in a free market and charities I choose to support. We will starve the beast.”

The correct solution is agorism. I have come to believe it is the only mechanism that stands a non-zero chance of success.