From this article, their is a link to a video of Treasury Secretary Sycophant Henry Paulson, the latest head of the evil Fed, says “rebate checks means jobs.”. These rebate checks give American extortion victims (code-named “taxpayers”) about $120 Billion dollars to spend into the economy as part of the government’s “economic stimulus plan”. Paulson states that the money will create about 600,000 jobs.

Of course no one says, “If that money will create 600,000 jobs, how would we benefit if the government domestic terrorist agency (codenamed “the IRS”) were abolished and replaced with nothing?”

  • Government: “We fixed your broken arm!”
  • Taxpayer: “You broke it!”
  • Government (smiling and looking past you): “Tell us how we did!”

If income tax was no longer collected to service the banking elite’s debt (codenamed “the Federal Reserve”), how would the economy benefit if citizens were able to keep the money they earned and spent it on the things they wanted? Imagine what type of economic stimulus that would create instead of feeding illegitimate and invalid government?

It appears that the so-called credit crisis is being used as an excuse to expand the Federal Reserves power over *ALL* financial markets.  They are calling for the nationalization of the entire financial sector, although that phrase will never be heard. Hey, government did it using 9/11 as an excuse to expand it’s powers over American citizens, why not here? Some people say government caused 9/11. I am not sure about that, but boy do I ever see government rubbing it’s hands with glee. Ron Paul was reported to say, “Now we’re gonna get big government.” on the day of 9/11.

After all, the Fed has devalued the dollar 95% since 1913. It caused the Great Depression (Bernanke admits it at the end of the speech). It failed to prevent the many market recessions and/or instabilities since 1913. It failed to prevent the dot-com bust, the real estate bubble, and the current credit crisis being blamed for the current “recession” (which is a hoax by the way).

In fact, in concert with the private banking cartel, it caused all of the above! Of course this means that they are eminently qualified to expand their powers. Government is the only corporation I know of where you are forced to buy their shoddy products or you go to jail. Not only that, they demand sanction from their victims.