I read in this article here, that there were over 3,000 French police deployed to guard the Olympic Torch:

Some of the “highlights”:

  • About 3,000 French police officers — including some in jogging gear and on in-line skates — will guard the Olympic torch as it is relayed through the French capital, the Paris police headquarters said Saturday.
  • Three boats will patrol the Seine River for the relay Monday, and a helicopter will fly overhead, police said.
  • The convoy protecting the torchbearers will also include riot police vehicles and officers on motorcycles.

Let me catch my breath…


There should have been a riot by French taxpayers losing their freaking minds about their government terrorist agents applying extortion fees (taxes) to pay for this garbage!  This should have triggered a tax revolt.

All this money being spent for a symbol. A symbol of what? It is worth it? All those media drones deployed by their various employers to cover the event too.

Apparently, there is a backup lantern that was lit from the original ignition following the torch in a “secure van”, in the event the torch was extinguished (which it has several times).

Little do they know that it is Huey in the van with a pack of matches. Ssshhhh….you might upset the sheep.

No matter how low I set my expectations for intelligence, there is *ALWAYS* something that gets under it.