Well, Wesley Snipes has been apparently convicted of tax evasion a.k.a protecting the fruits of his labour by fighting the bad guys on their own turf – a pointless exercise – in an attempt avoid his extortion payments. This should come as no surprise to those that have been following the case.

The IRS is a government sponsored terrorist agency. The government sells us the terrorists as some guy who never threatened the United States (in fact, they supported him at one time) and some other guy with bad kidneys who is “really good” at hiding in a cave – or so they say. The truth is that the biggest terrorist is right in our own backyard.

Adopting the Sun Tzu phrase from “The Art of War” -> “Kill one to terrify ten thousand”, the criminal syndicate (the government) states in the article:

“Federal prosecutors last week urged U.S. District Judge William Hodges in Ocala, Florida, to sentence Snipes to the maximum penalty to demonstrate to taxpayers that refusal to pay income taxes carries severe penalties.”

“This case presents the court with a singular opportunity to deter tax fraud nationwide,” the government said in its sentencing recommendation.”

“The troubling implication of such coverage for the millions of average citizens who are aware of this case is that the rich and famous Wesley Snipes has ‘gotten away with it.’ In the end the criminal conduct of Snipes must not be seen in such a light.

Wesley Snipes is to be made an example of. The pathetic part of this is that trolls in society will chant, without any moral foundation, that the government is “right to do it”. This argument rests on the axiom, “if government steals from me and deprives me of the fruits of my labour, it’s not fair that they don’t steal from you too!”. This of course is the thinking of a society of cannibals.

We have been conditioned not to question the expansion of government authority. We don’t stop paying our taxes because the government does something wrong. Instead, we usually call for MORE regulation. All part of that conditioned submitting to authority thing.

Income tax is theft. Pure and simple. Through overt and covert taxation, the government steals at least 60% of your labour, if not more. Hands up for those who think it is closer to 70%. 80%? Ask a taxation official (mobsters) what the difference between taxation and theft in public. Grab your lawn-chair and a bag of popcorn and watch this amoral thug try and summon his morality he/she hasn’t used since they were 8 years old. They’ll probably end the interview, or the media will move on to the next caller. Some of them actually believe they are doing the public “good” – brainwashing by the public education system at its finest.

Think about it. If we wanted to opt out of the public education system and place our kids in private schools or home-school them, could we get a refund back on the taxes we pay to support public education? If you try it, government will dispatch their hit-men to terrorize or use state-sponsored violence against you and your family back into paying their extortion fees.

If we all recognize stealing is immoral and it is wrong, why do we allow a bunch of people to do that for us through the voting system? Why do we delegate stealing from each other through the voting scam?

Some people say that taxation is not theft because you agree to it when you take a employment. This is defective reasoning. ALL jobs have taxation applied to them. In the non-free market in which we operate, government recruits corporations to act as tax collection agents by withholding deductions on your pay check and remitting those collected taxes to the terrorists. In return, they get special government favours (legislation), tax grants, and other special subsidies.

Government pretends they are “fair”, in Canada you can ask your employer not to deduct taxes. They will do it, provided that you get a letter from the taxation agency granting permission to do it! Yeah, that’s it. Why don’t I just put a big freaking target on my back? That goes right into the bad guy’s “specific people to terrorize audit this year” bucket.

If you could work at a job paying 50,000 dollars a year where you pay taxes, and a 50,000 dollar a year where you don’t, what would you pick? You don’t have the choice for the latter, at least not if you want to be homeless and pay for everything in cash and it is available on the so-called black market.

Someone might say, “Well you could always work in the black market to avoid taxes.”. True enough, but you have to live somewhere – unless you are willing to be homeless, a tremendous drop in your standard of living. You can try and use cash wherever possible. Ever try and pay a phone bill in cash? The banking system is working hard wherever possible to reduce ANY cash transactions. Credit/Debit/Cash cards. Checks. Ever restrictive cash reporting requirements. If you have a place of residence, sooner or later you will be tripped up as you have not reported income yet have a place to live.

The article continues (nausea continuously rising):

“For nearly a decade Snipes has engaged in a campaign of criminal tax conduct combining brazen defiance with insidious concealment,” the prosecutors say. “By these means Snipes has escaped paying more than $15 million in income tax to the IRS and has pursued an intended fraudulent harm to the United States Treasury of more than $41 million.”

What? Of all the hallucinations perpetrated by the syndicate, this one takes the cake. Consider the intended fraudulent harm the Federal Reserve (and all central banks – a cartel of banking and government shills) does to us by insidiously concealing their inflation tax? You know, the one where they reduce the purchasing power of our money by creating more money and allowing the banks and government to spend it first on their projects? You mean the intended fraudulent harm the government does via wasting our dollars through pork-barrel projects for the benefit of the insiders? You mean the intended fraudulent harm the government perpetrates on it’s citizens by engaging in a war where the government has killed it’s own citizens, where all the reasons government claimed that were a threat are FALSE?

Wesley Snipes made the mistake of attempting to act MORALLY and protect his wealth earned on his labour to prevent the government from stealing it. He thought that the corrupt tax court system would find him innocent. He fought the bad guys on their own turf. He didn’t stand a chance. The government would NEVER let him win. On the 0.00000001% chance that he did, the media wouldn’t report it, as they are propaganda agents to keep the rest of us schmucks in line. Snipes might have all the funky weapons in his movies, but in real life the government has the bigger guns.

The government did not win the argument morally or ethically. They won because they have the bigger guns. Snipes discovered that “voluntary compliance” is enforced by the barrel of a gun.

Who’s the real terrorist?