I read this article about FINTRAC, a Canadian financial intelligence agency , announcing that “criminals may be exploiting Internet-based companies that convert cash into electronic gold, exposing a new front in the international effort to restrict terrorist financing and money laundering.”

This is typical ambiguous PR language. They are painting a perception  without backing it up with hard fact. The use of the word “may” instead of “are”.

They state ‘”authorities are increasingly worried about a proliferation of “digital precious metals operators” websites that offer clients a chance to conduct Internet business in units backed by gold and silver rather than paper currencies.”

Blink and you’ll miss it:

The Financial Transactions and Reports Analysis Centre of Canada, or FINTRAC, says in a report these websites have “achieved critical mass on the Web” and are facilitating millions of transactions on the fringe of the international financial system – the equivalent of a Wild West where legitimate businesses, privacy-seeking individuals and criminals can mingle just out of reach of the law.

Firstly, I think the reference to “achieved critical mass on the Web” is telling. The State is saying, “The number of people protecting their wealth from us stealing it via taxation, inflation, and regulation is now worth our time to use violence to take their money.”

Secondly, in addition to my first point, they do not mean “out of reach of the law”. What they REALLY mean is “outside of reach of the State to steal from you via the taxation/inflation system”. Of course, legitimate businesses and privacy-seeking individuals are lumped into the same categories as criminals. “Wild West” means that the people trading within the system are willing to accept whatever risk may arise. Sounds like a free market to me.

Lastly, this report was obtained under the “Access To Information Act”. In other words, the State did not release this information openly, but introduced a wall of red-tape to get at it. They know the vast majority of the public is too concerned with the size and resolution of their flat-screen televisions to bother, and even if it was made public, news media would not cover it, let alone providing you with the high quality analysis you are reading right now. 🙂

This of course is yet another government produced red-herring.

What FINTRAC (a.k.a another government terrorist agency) is really concerned with is people trying to preserve their legitimately earned wealth by trading products and services outside of the illegitimate and immoral taxation system.

FINTRAC sells their image as “protecting the common good” by claiming they are looking for transactions that might signal terrorist/criminal activities. What they are really doing is, via the banking/government cartel is:

(a) strengthen the private banks reportable/traceable monopoly on the medium of what we use as money. The banks retain their right to issue “checkbook money” (i.e. credit/cash/debit cards, checks, wire transfers etc.) out of thin air via fractional reserve banking. In return for this privilege, the State (b) enforces banking reporting requirements to those who attempt to trade outside of the taxation system using currency that does not leave a paper trail (i.e. cash).

They are simply extending their police action to money to include these precious metals accounts. Recall the reporting requirements the State enforced upon eBay to report on transactions of eBay “Power Sellers” (those who sold in excess of $1000.00 / month).

It is NOT terrorists or criminals they are trying to track! It is you and I who want to protect our privacy and wealth by refusing to let the State siphon off our hard-earned labour via taxes and inflation by trading with sound money!

As technology advances and personal privacy erodes, it won’t be long before ALL of our transactions are recorded and centralized in a State database – even when you buy a loaf of bread with some sort of card. When you use a credit/cash/debit card, you are directly inviting a third party (the bank) into your transaction, and indirectly inviting more parties into your transaction by the bank forwarding your transaction to other parties (the State).

People have become so occupied with inane, vacuous, and superficial pursuits of luxury (I saw 200 people waiting in line for a Wii-Fit this weekend?!?!) that they have forgotten the things that make them more than simple house pets:

Freedom, Liberty, Prosperity, limited government, and sound money. No nation building. No policing the world. No expectation of entitlements that the State extorted from one group of people via taxes and inflation to give to another.

It is these principles that are not held dearly, nor are they taught in our public education system (as per design) at all. We have become lemmings of the nanny state.

Finally, let’s remember what the dollar really is:

1. Paper notes issued by the State, backed by government securities. In other words it is backed by debt levied on the taxpayer (i.e. serfs).

2. Digital currency issued by private banks back by nothing but debt the loanee takes on.

3. State issued currency MUST be used to pay taxes. This created an artificial demand for paper notes. If you do not pay your extortion (taxes) in these notes, the government will deploy their drones to your home and force you to pay by threatening eviction, fines, or jail time. Put another way, the dollar is backed by State sponsored violence against it’s constituents.

4. The State requires that businesses pay their employees in dollars and withhold deductions at source, effectively recruiting businesses as government collection agents. This creates another artificial demand for “dollars”.

5. In 1933 in the United States, the government outlawed personal ownership of gold. The real reason for this was that too many people were boycotting Federal Reserve Notes/Dollars/Points (whatever you want to call them) to trade privately with each other. The State could not allow people to preserve their own labour and prevent the state from stealing their wealth. In addition, it was made illegal for the courts to enforce any contract where payment was not made in “legal tender”. So if a dispute arose, there would be no court redress for parties if payment was not made in Federal Reserve notes.

The article closes with:

Starting later this year, Canadian dealers of precious metals and stones – both real and digital – must register with the government.

What do you think that means?

Freedom is dying, folks. Has been for a long while. Our freedom is not threatened by a man hiding in a cave half way around the world. Our freedom is threatened right here by our own government. Who is the real terrorist?

What are we going to do about it? One more step towards totalitarianism.