What is a conspiracy theorist?

I thought there were secret prisons being run by the Bush Administration. I was dismissed as a CT. Guess what? It was true.

When the media and the Bush administration started chanting about Iraq having weapons of mass destruction, I said this was an excuse to go to war. I was called a crackpot. Guess what? It was true.

When the Bush administration claimed that Iraq had ties to al-Qaida, I said this was more fluff to justify the war. People laughed. Guess what? It turned out to be true.

I grant you that there are people who take conspiracy theories too far. How far? Well, from what I see, there are people who hold fast to the theories when the evidence simply doesn’t support it.

However, there are equally people who cling fast to what Authority tells them, and will NOT review the evidence and use their own critical thinking skills when the evidence simply doesn’t support the theory the State is espousing. Or even worse, they simply don’t care

I find there is even sneering and dismissal of conspiracy theories by calling those who purport them “truthers”. As opposed to what? Liars? Sheep? Pro-State trolls? Unquestioning acceptance?

When does a conspiracy stop being a conspiracy theory? When the number of people pointing and laughing at you on the other side reduces to a certain level? As an analogy, when does religion stop being a cult?

Perhaps it is a conspiracy to brainwash people into sneering, scoffing, marginalizing, and dismissing those who don’t blindly accept what the State tells them as truth.

I certainly see mainstream media having a vested interest in that. After all. they are supposed to be the center of truth, trustworthiness, and integrity. Conspiracy theorists challenge that.  How’s that working out for us?

If people are discouraged from asking questions as they will be shouted down, maybe we’ll get what the State wants: a dumbed down, passive, apathetic constituency that won’t rise up to challenge them.  Wait.  We have that, don’t we?

And that might be the biggest conspiracy of all.