This Remembrance Day, I am giving thought to all of the soldiers that
volunteered or drafted (kidnapped), put in harms way by the State and paid
the ultimate sacrifice in order to benefit the war racket and its various
connected insider profiteers such as Haliburton and the Carlisle Group.

These brave men and women were – as were we – duped into thinking they were
defending freedom, liberty and the way of life for their fellow citizens by
their own greedy immoral government/media/banking/military industrial
complex cartels, who relentlessly exploited their patriotism for their own

I think of Congressman Ron Paul’s campaign for leader of the Republican
Party in the United States, shut down by the Establishment, who advocated
the message of freedom, prosperity, and peace and trade with all nations,
but entangling alliances with none. He wanted the profit-based wars shut
down and supported the troops by wanting them home, defending the Unites
States borders. I think that message must have resonated strongly with the
men and women serving in the military, as he received the largest donations
from military personnel than all the other candidates COMBINED, prior to
Ron Paul ending his campaign.

These soldiers were honestly thinking they were doing the right thing,
other than the 50,000 troops still in Germany, enjoying year round
Octoberfest at the taxpayers expense, as they – like us – have had our
democracy infiltrated by the ruse of voting which gives the people the
illusion of choice and keeps us enslaved to the State, believing we are

If our soldiers knew this, they wouldn’t go to war to defend profits. If we
knew this, we wouldn’t support the idea of the troops going to war.

And when the soldiers return we need look no further than the deplorable
state of VA hospitals like Walter Reed in regards to how the State “values”
our veterans.

I think of mothers like Cindy Sheehan, who lost her son Casey in Iraq, who
relentlessly pursued an interview with Bush to ask her why her son had to
die in the Iraq war when he KNEW that the Weapons of Mass destruction and
ties to al-Qaida were fabrications.

If I were the father of one of those children, nothing short of my violent
death would stop me from kneeling on Donald Rumsfeld’s chest, ripping out
one rib at a time, screaming at him why that arrogant psychopath killed my
son. Recall in the 1980’s Rumsfeld shaking Saddam’s hand and helping
facilitate the delivery of weapons and computers to shore up his control.

I think of the up to 100,000 Iraqi civilian citizens killed in this war,
demonized by our so-called free press to galvanize support for the war,
that died at the hands of their State and ours.

Recall the State’s intervention in pre-Hitler Germany, endorsing the
Versailles treaty that put Germans in a great deal of hardship, thus
ensuring they would be ready to accept a message like Hitler’s. The bankers
and war profiteers were only to happy to add charge to that atmosphere. We
are not allowed to learn that in our history books, are we? History is
written by the winners.

I think the test of whether or not if a war is worthy is to ensure that
when the government starts war, all of-age children of those politicians
should be drafted to serve on the front line. That will test the mettle.

I (and we) are NOT the playthings of government.

Somebody has to say it. I too, will be silent at 11.