Partisan politics are a ruse. There is no left/right in a feudal system, only top and bottom. Lords and Serfs. It keeps the masses divided through unimportant arguments via the political system, while the government/banking monetary system preys on us, our children, and future unborn uninterrupted.

If you have a monopoly on violence (the State) you need not be logically consistent; you can change the rules at any time. The process of voting will not buy you freedom.

As long as we continue to subjugate/prostrate ourselves to an organization that stole our freedoms by claiming a monopoly on violence, usurped our money and leaving us with a pile of counterfeit paper whose supply and value is arbitrarily regulated, not by market forces, but political ones, we will continue to be plundered.

From the cradle to the grave, Statist brainwashing (via government indoctrination camps euphemistically called ‘public education’) and a subverted media (if newspapers needed a bailout, this would absolutely happen – who would be the State propaganda agents?) has utterly, hopelessly convinced the public that the solution to all their woes is through a group of people that have a gun. Anybody who has a monopoly on violence is subject to bribery and corruption.

We don’t vote out of sake of preference, although many of us think so, we vote to coerce each other into accepting the shade of lipstick applied to the pig of the State to violently fleece our fellow citizen. We vote to change the direction where the gun is pointed. Voting is political ‘might makes right’. A majority knows – given their vast extensive philosophical and economic knowledge, right? – what to foist on the minority.

‘Reform cannot be achieved by a well-intentioned leader who recruits his followers from the very people whose moral confusion is the cause of the disorder.’ – Socrates