Wut?  I’m getting ripped off via taxation and inflation?

Quiet you.  Don’t you know the new season of American Idol is on? Let’s check the media headlines:

From CNN as I write:

– ‘Hyper’ kitty stuffed into smoky bong
– Dreaming dog lumbers into wall, wakes
– Michael Jackson to make announcement
– 600 species of bacteria live in your saliva
– Facebook users hit by new worm threat
– New sexy tot mom photos OK, judge rules
– Nurse didn’t show up for smoothie with friends
– Blagojevich signs six figure book deal (Crime does pay!)
– Freshman rep at home: yoga, vegan dinner, hike
– 60 people get jobs today from stimulus $$ (It’s amazing what $75B will buy you. Dig hole. Fill hole. Repeat.)
– Collapsed building traps 3 in Germany (Unless I am family or friends of the victims, WTF do I care?)

annnddd the headline news:

Coast Guard set to end search for boaters (See my reasons for the collapsed building in Germany above.)

Yes sir. The dumbing-down is complete. If I worked for CNN, I would have to put my morality in the jar at the door. If I didn’t, I would be drinking white lightning with my left hand till I got good and tanked, then no force in the universe would prevent me from committing suicide. I would – for the first time in my life – have finally made a contribution.