Government needs 4 things to exist:

1) A monopoly on violence over a geographical area. That can be acheived by a military force, but it is NOT government, as people under that rule produce nothing. Prisoners never do. Disorder, insurgencies, rebellion ripple throughout the land.  Who would produce in the face of persistent theft?  Hell, I won’t even work overtime as the gov’t tax increases don’t make it worth my time…

2) Once the monopoly on violence has been obtained over a given area, what is required next is “sanction of the victims”. People need to accept the rulers as their leaders. Be it fascist, communist, a dictatorship, plutocracy, aristocracy, monarchy, democracy, or a republic. The means to achieve control is an academic exercise. The requirement for control is basic.

3) Points of contact with the ruled. How the State flexes it might over the people. Police, tax collection agencies, regulatory offices, etc. When the US was being colonized, many thought they were being ruled by England, but they paid no taxes, there was very little crime, and they figured out how to do things buy themselves. If the State moved into that area, crime increased and the people simply moved 10 miles west again 😉

4) Economic surplus. If there wasn’t, how a group of people removed from economic production to rule us be sustained? How could a non-productive parasitic class group of people rule over the productive class? I am not saying they are not busy, they are, ever devising means to control us more. An economy must exist to allow government to exist, not vice versa.

Still think voting is valid?