…they have started a contest seeking Canadians to produce a 1-2 minute long Youtube video illustrating why the underground economy is everyone’s problem.

This is excellent news!  Why?  It means that the underground economy must be growing at such a rate, the terrorist taxation agency is getting worried that people are seeking to preserve their wealth.  Is agorism reaching a point of critical mass?  The government was making rumblings about this via FINTRAC, which I wrote about here.

Some people say, “If you don’t pay your taxes, you are freeloading off the system!”  This is false.  If you don’t pay your taxes, you are preventing government from freeloading off of you!

The video regurgitates the same pro-State refuted pablum, targeting the “hip and cool” video savvy crowd.  It states how everyone is hurt and suffers by not paying taxes, hurting State provided services such as roads, schools, healthcare, completely negating the poor quality of these services and how people ARE hurt by these State provided services are better delivered by the free market anyway.  And of course, they don’t mention all the government waste, boondoggles, adscams, gun registries, corruption, cronyism, wars, and other nefarious diversion of economic wealth from society into supporting a political parasitic class.

We all agree that stealing from each other is wrong.  We all do not want live in a society where it is OK to steal from each other, but why is it we vote and advocate for a third party, the State, to steal from each other?  If you accept stealing is immoral, then you logically come to the conclusion, “Taxation is theft!”  If you accept that the State has a right to steal from you, then you accept the notion that the State must be given a monopoly on violence to extract it from you. You cannot defend yourself from it – the State used your tax money gain superior firepower over you.  You cannot protest your way out of it.  You cannot vote your way out of it.  In Canada, we have the political party in power and the opposition party.  This is the “False Opposites” fallacy in play.  A true opposite would be the political party, regardless of partisan stripe, in power – the Government – on one side, and proponents of a true free market on the other.

Someone (I currently don’t have the skills or time) should create a “Youtube Response” video entitled, “The Canada Revenue Agency – It is Everyone’s Problem!” that is a sarcastic rebuttal to every statement the CRA drones created in the above video.  It would be an excellent opportunity to promote agorism.  I may put up a sample script in the very near future.