I used Monopoly to explain inflation.

You change the rules around a bit. Throw all the properties in the center of the board. You do not buy them at face value, but when a player lands on a property, they bid against other players for the property (as in real life). The other rule is that all players cannot see how much money the other has  (as in real life). When half the properties are gone, you send Hank out for snacks or beverages.

While he is gone, you pull another Monopoly game out from under the couch. You ask the remaining players if they would like split the money in that game equally amongst each other, but don’t tell Hank. They all think this is a great idea and agree.  Effectively, this is the same as a central bank printing up a bunch of money and giving it to connected insiders.

Hank comes back, then the bidding continues. Property prices begin to rise, as all other players except Hank have more money to bid the price up, creating a property “bubble”. Note that real wealth is not increasing but Hank begins to lose out on all property auctions. Hank has been on the equivalent of a fixed income. He can’t participate in the game anymore or is at an extreme disadvantage. He lands on other’s property and finds the rent outrageous. Hank goes broke.

You explain to Hank what happened. He is p-ssed, but now you say to everyone in the room, “Everyone clear on inflation now?”