A blogger I read quite regularly, FSK, uses the term “fnord” to describe hidden messages contained within another messages.  I suppose a “fnord” is a “subliminal message” meant to prevent or encourage you to think a certain way, cloaked in a seemingly harmless unrelated message.  Some say, “I can see the fnords!” which means that you have the ability to blatantly see the hidden messages all around you.  Sometimes the fnords are intended to be seen, making other fnords undetectable.  Some can see more fnords than others, depending on their critical thinking abilities or levels of cracking their brainwashing.

I see a lot of fnords, but probably not all.  How would I know about the ones I don’t see, unless someone else points it out?  Anyway, on to my point.

I read an article about Canada posting a trade surplus.  Trade surpluses are excessively hyped by the media, making me wonder why.  Bear with me for a moment while I explain.

Trade deficits between nations are known simply because nations keep statistics on them.  Of course when a nation is running a surplus, it means the amount nation exports is more than they imported over a specified time period, usually reported monthly.  A trade deficit is the converse, imports exceed the dollar value of exports over a given time period.

If a nation is in surplus, there is much back-slapping amongst voters in pride over their nation.  If a nation runs a deficit, or deficits for a while, such as the United States, there is fear and protectionist sentiment wrapped in patriotism that starts to appear.  Why?

Do we have a trade deficit between provinces?  For example, is there a surplus or deficit between Ontario and British Columbia?  Does it matter?    How about between cities?  I.e. Toronto and Montreal? Does it matter?  Between North Toronto and Central Toronto? Does it matter?  How about between the street you live on and another street?  Between households?  Why doesn’t it matter?  Those statistics aren’t being tracked!  How would we know?  Then why are statistics being kept between nations?  If Montreal ran a trade deficit with Toronto, would people say, “People living in Toronto are benefiting at the expense of Montreal!”

Trade surpluses/deficits are used as propaganda to perpetuate the pro-State “us vs. them” mentality.  Thus, the political insiders can use it as justification to set up trade wars, “Buy American!” or “Buy Canadian!” campaigns, culminating in new taxation (such as tarriffs) on imports or exports.  Such taxation benefits the political parasitic class, not the Customer.  At all time, it is the citizen who pays for these policies as it inhibits his/her ability to seek out the best products for the most reasonable price.

Trade deficit propaganda sets us up to have our pockets picked.