Someone posted this in a newspaper forum directed at me:

You referred at multiple intervals that we share a ‘parasitic relationship’ with the State/Central Bank. As far as I’m concerned, the parasite dies when the host dies.

The parasite also dies when the host recognizes it as such and overthrows it.  The host need not die.  Not to say there isn’t any pain associated with it – it is always painful when the victim pulls the vampire out of his/her neck.

Isn’t it in the best interest for the State and the Central Bank to ‘leech’ in the shadows and not deprive the citizens from basic needs (foreclosure homes, job losses, astronomical amount of debt, denied access to natural resources – oil/water/food)? The bankers can manipulate the economy as much as they want, but they are pushing us on the edge of a revolution. With the internet, I really don’t see how hard it is to track down these bankers, one by one, and put them under a guillotine.

You lay too much blame at the feet of the bankers.  Banking is not the enemy here, it is the State.  In a true free market, fiat money issued by government would have no value.  A free market and a central bank are mutually exclusive – if you have one the other doesn’t exist.

In a true free market, the imposition of a fiat paper scrip issued by the parasitic State/Banking class would not be acceptable. What would give it value? If I opened up Gilligan’s Money Printing Shop and printed pretty pieces of paper with different inks and designs indicating different values or denominations and told the true free market to use my “money”, what would happen? I would be utterly ignored or laughed at. However, if I had some goons working for me and had superior firepower over the rest of the market, then told them to use my money to pay tribute to me, what would happen? I just created an artificial demand for my money and demanded it in the form of taxation.  Most of us do not see it this way as a result of successful suppression/brainwashing by the State/Media cartel.

By borrowing on what’s being said from Chris Martenson’s Crash Course, the Greek philosopher Plutarch once stated, “A imbalance between rich and poor is the oldest and most fatal ailment of all republics”.

It’s not the imbalance that the oldest, let alone fatal ailment of all republics.  It is the imposition of the State we coerce each other into accepting.  The State creates the imbalance of “fair”.  I may not be as rich as others, and others may not be as rich as me.  Wealth is the absence of poverty and poverty is the absence of wealth, yet at all times, both terms are subjective.  If one man can lay claim to another’s labour in the absence of honest trade via force or fraud, that is what is “unfair”.    What facilitates that?  The State.  The State is nothing more than a group of people jockeying to remove themselves from the obligation of production to facilitate their consumption where they become economic parasites we have been brainwashed into us sanctioning them to do so (we are victims).

Yes they might have bigger guns. But the people should never be afraid of the State, the truth lies in the opposite. As Chris said, we simply lack the political will to contest in unison. And when that happens, no gun is big enough to stop us.

We are afraid of the State.  Terrorist taxation agencies.  State run public education brings the police into the schools under the guise of “community spirit” but all the kids are looking at their gun in the holster.  This is part of the Authoritarian brainwashing and sets us up to subjugate ourselves to enforcers of the State.

Even if the “political will” was there, people have been successfully conditioned to think “All my problems will be solved if I remove these members of the parasitic class and replace them with another parasitic class!”  We call this voting.
I’ll tell you whats nuts. A bunch of us trying to coerce each other by voting the new shade of lipstick on the pig of the State. Oooohhh, should we paint it Red? Blue? Orange? Green?

“F–k you, Voter B! I am voting Green to keep Blue off the pig!”
“Oh yeah? F–k you, Voter A! I am voting Blue to keep your Green off!”

“You’re all wrong! I am voting Blue ‘cuz the Red leader appears wimpy!”
“Oh yeah? What about Blue’s $400 haircut?”

“I studied all the policies and I am well-versed in government finance, I am voting Red because I believe they have the best vision”
“Oh yeah Mr. Hi-falootin expert? I am voting ABC ‘cuz my pappy says so! I will cancel your expert vote cuz I ‘toopid.  Now I am off to the monster truck show!”

You tell me what’s nuts. In the meantime, because of the voting scam – the deflection of what is going on behind the scene – that keeps us at each other’s throat, the pig keeps f–king us all.

So my question to you is, do you think that the current events we are living today were planned (‘engineered’) as some say? Or has this been an unprecedented experiment by the bankers driven by greed and it is now beyond their control (even the bankers are shi*ting in their pants)?

Sometimes the parasite needs to try out new things.  Joking.  Conspiracy or coincidence?  It’s a waste of energy asking that question.  It is like when people say, “The Federal Reserve is privately owned!”.  It doesn’t matter who owns it.  It is what it does that is important.  Either way, it’s wrong.  And it has to stop.