Also known as the “I don’t care how many brown-skinned bastards (pissed at us from being sodomized over generations of our foreign policy meddling, conveniently under-reported or left out by mainstream analysis) are mass murdered overseas by our government and their tools!  Who will build my f–king road?” argument.

In a fantastically stunning display of free markets being able to provide and care for the most of us, Kauai residents took it upon themselves to complete critical repairs themselves after the State said, “We’re sorry.  Due to mismanagement of the theft of your labour taxes, we won’t be able to provide you the $4M and 2 years we estimate it will cost to repair the road.  Sorry about that.  However, if you miss one payment of your protection money taxes, we will kill you we shall begin the collection process.

The residents raised the money and manpower themselves, and completed the repairs in EIGHT DAYS! That’s right.  8 days.

Now, I wonder if they received a tax break for services rendered?  I wonder if the $4M is just a lone one-off overpricing of a State service?  Oh.  Wait.  I don’t wonder that at all.