Via Kitco, this article by Darryl Robert Schoon describes Goldman Sachs (GS) as a “vampire on the jugular of America”.   Obviously, Schoon derides GS as a heinous organization, “The banksters profit at the benefit of everyone else!”.

Schoon uses Matt Taibbi’s article in the Rolling Stone as a springboard to  his with the quote “organized greed always defeats disorganized democracy”.

Next, Schoon laments “Democracy no longer serves the role intended by America’s founding fathers.”.   Um…the founding fathers never intended democracy to serve any role, that’s why the United States was founded as a Republic.   The word “democracy” never appears anywhere in the US Constitution.  Most people can’t tell you what a Republic vs. Democracy is anyway.   But, boy, can they ever go on about sports, Brangelina, and Jon and Kate Gosset.  The founding fathers recognized that democracy leads immediately to powerful centralized governments whereas Republics intend to limit centralization.  Problem is once a centralized power is established, it immediately seeks to increase that power – think parasites multiplying and consuming a host a la cancer.

I like Schoon’s writings.  He is aware of the problem and is finally coming around the correct root cause analysis:  Government is the problem.  Goldman Sachs is a symptom.

At the very end of the article, Schoon gets it right:

“When Wall Street pimps take their cut of America’s money, they’re not alone. Without the US government, the pimps of Wall Street couldn’t do you like they do.”

He needs to take it to the next logical question, “Why do we need a government anyway?”  People who are proponents of gold/silver money recognize the perils of fiat.  Monopolization of money production is second only to the government’s monopoly on violence.  State brainwashing from the cradle to the grave makes it difficult for this idea to flourish, but the Internet is breaking the mainstream media – essentially a propaganda tool for the State – monopoly on information dissemination they have held for generations.

Organized greed will ALWAYS defeat organized government.  Why?  Because the greedy immediately start infiltrating/lobbying government and financing political campaigns to have it serve its purposes! Where do politicians go when they leave office?  Right into positions made available to them in return for performing “favours” for the industry.

Do people need to be governed?  Yes.  Does that automatically mean their needs to be a government to govern them?  No.  Our behaviors – human action – are governed by many forces, most of them outside of the insitution of government.

Stefan Molyneaux does a decent job explaining this:

The Stateless Society and Caging the Devils: The Stateless Society and Violent Crime