The citizens of Toronto are currently enduring a strike by the union responsible for garbage collection.   Citizens have been polarized by viewing either the Toronto’s municipal governmeent as the enemy or the union.

What we have here is not unions vs. the city. This is a false opposite fallacy erected by the State. What we have is the productive class (citizens who pay taxes) vs the parasitic class (the municipal government AND the union).

What people lack is the ability to rationally think of what a true free market solution would look like as most of us have been prevented from learning via State-run indoctrination camps called “public education” and the pro-State shilling by the mainstream media cartel.  So I’ll put the question bluntly, “What would the garbage collection market look like in the absence of government?”.

Government is simply a ruling monopoly on violence that takes money from you by force in return for “services”.   You are SOL if you say, “F–k the city!  They are providing me a lower quality of service for higher prices!  I have no control over it!  I am going to withhold X% of my taxes representing the service(s) I disagree with in protest!”.  Doing so would risk violent government assault against that person.

The city is a monopoly who “owns” the garbage collection market. This is akin to the Mafia “owning” the drug trade. All “own” these markets as they would deploy violence against those who would enter it without permission (a license). Licenses are extremely valuable.

As an aside, the worst thing that could happen to the Mafia is to decriminalize the drugs it traffics.  Why?  Because their excessively high profit margins – thus justifying risk – would vanish virtually overnight.  It would no longer be lucrative to arm yourself to the teeth to protect the trade.  I wouldn’t be surprised if the Mafia contributes heavily to campaigns of the most rabid anti-drug politician.  Lobbying the government to ban substances that have high demand is profitable for the Mafia!  What we get instead is politicians declaring a “war on drugs” to appear like they are “doing something!”.  As usual, government expands via ineffective new departments, we all pay via higher taxation/inflation and body counts from the drug “wars”.  This is not free market activity although some cite the drug trade as criticism of “free markets” – when it isn’t.

On the other hand, unions are State-sanctioned organized labour cartels that artificially distort the price of labour.

A union would not be given “legal” – a word reserved for use by the ruling monopoly on violence – status. A union is a State-sanctioned labour cartel, artificially driving the cost of labour up and the quality of service down. This trend is not a normal occurrence in a free market. Organized labour will prevent others from wanting to work harder at lower prices. How low? What ever the market deems the economic value of their work is.

There is nothing wrong with workers saying to an employee, “F–k you! We’re leaving because we hate the working conditions here and the way you treat us!” and starting a competing business elsewhere.

There is also nothing wrong with an employer saying to his workers, “F–k you! I am firing the lot of you and replacing you with those who want to work!”

No entrepreneur can say, “F–k the city! I can offer better garbage removal at lower prices! Let me canvas people in a particular area to see if they want to subscribe to my service!” as they have to compete with “free” – garbage collection is paid via property taxes, and a homeowner is SOL if they withhold even a portion of their taxes, as they would risk the State violently cracking down on them to enforce tribute or protection money payments.

As usual, we have been divided by the “union vs. the city” fallacy.  It is, “the State vs. the free market” battle.

In a free market, no one would have a monopoly on anything. Nothing would prevent anyone from starting up a garbage collection business, nothing would prevent people from choosing the best provider, and we would see the natural free market trend of   quality of service going up and the cost down.

As usual, we all pay for lower quality of government “service” through higher taxes.