In the spirit of Halloween, I give you a most unflattering picture of Mark Carney, un-photoshopped, our illustrious governor of Canada’s central bank fiat franchise.

Seriously.  This picture physically made me flinch and recoil from my f–king browser when this popped up.  Would you want this coming down a back alley at you?  Is that a freaking smile?  How’d the handlers not bury this one? It still disturbs me:


Let’s give an appropriate caption to this picture.  I’ll start:

“I’ll get you, my pretty!”

“Yeah, I am going to  suck the purchasing power out of the dollar!”

“All of us from the Goldman Sachs coven look like this in real life!”

“Go ahead.  Save your money.  I’ll take its value via inflation anyway.  You feeling lucky punk?”

Feel free to add your own.