I heard someone say, “The free market is a myth!”  They’re right.

Free markets wouldn’t tolerate the imposition of a central bank.

Free markets cannot engineer bailouts to the banking industry.

Free markets cannot bail out zombie companies with extorted money today and pass the debt onto the backs of the unborn.

Free markets don’t reward the incompetent at the expense of the competent.

Free markets can’t impose tax codes to alter peoples behaviour at large (look how the HRTC tax credit is diverting money from businesses who might have otherwise received it).

Free markets wouldn’t ascribe legitimacy to fiat money. Legal tender laws would be repudiated and vanish. In practice, we would return to sound money.

Free markets would not tolerate limited liability laws protecting those who direct their organizations in such a way that harm others yet leave them immune, except in rare high-profile cases where scapegoats are required to construct the facade of the State protecting the serfs.

Free markets wouldn’t provide moral hazards to various industries, backed by the State gun.

Free markets wouldn’t suffer the “Captured Regulators” problem where a revolving door is created between industry and the State who write costly rules incumbents can afford to shoulder but new competitors cannot.

Free markets would render the boom/bust cycles created by the State/banking cartel accepted today as “normal”, obsolete.

Free markets trend to create better quality products at lower costs. The opposite occurs when the State provides services as they can simply extort revenue streams from their victims.

Free markets don’t go to war or kill people as it is too costly to restore compensation to those injured.

Free markets don’t tolerate agencies with a monopoly on force.

Free markets would not accept paper tickets imposed on them by the very same people who would kill them if they refused to pay tribute by way of their paper tickets issued.

Free markets would not legitimize/validate the idea that it is morally acceptable for a violent monopoly to evict a family from their land in the event they should stop paying tribute to them, with all other market actors cheering on the gang of violent thieves and excoriating the victims.

Free markets don’t recognize political borders where people can be contained, restrained, and harnessed into the State debt-based fiat money pogroms where central banks pit us against each other, deflect us via the voting scam, and use us as pawns to enrich the invisible (although they are beginning to appear) beneficiaries.

This is why people are correct when they say, “The free market is a myth!”.

If only it weren’t.

Note to readers.  Feel free to add your own ideas of what free markets wouldn’t do…I’m sure I missed a whack of them when the steam on my rant wore out. 😉