Inspired a bit by Jan Helfeld’s interview with Harry Reid stating America’s income tax is “voluntary” (I see that government has its own dictionary redefining conventional meanings of commonly understood words):

I went to the Canadian Revenue Terrorist Agency website to find it as I once read our system was also “voluntary”.  While I was looking, I found this gem:

“You’ve earned it. Claim it.”

It’s the usual “if you earned something, you should tell us about it.   Maybe we won’t take it from you.”

In a morally just society, it should be:

“You’ve earned it. Keep it.”

The former presupposes the mugger has the moral right to take your wallet and decide how much you get to keep.  It presumes the mugger has the right to come to your door and if you don’t make the effort to plead with him/her, they’ll take it all.  The latter does not.  Which society do you want to live in?

  • Everyone plunders everyone else.
  • The few plunder the many.
  • Nobody plunders anybody.

I feel nauseous.  I gotta go outside.