In the spirit of Mike Gogulski’s head turning article “F–k the Troops“, I wanted to post a lesser article regarding the pro-State Olympics brainwashing pogrom.

I have no qualms with individuals dedicated to being the best they can be at whatever they do, provided they do not accept stolen money fenced by the State via taxation to subsidize their pursuits.  You want to be the person who can ski and shoot the best?  Go right ahead.    You want to run the fastest?  Jump the highest?  Be the fastest boblsled racer? Be my guest!   If you are subsidized by government programs to pursue your craft, do you think it morally right the State confiscates wealth from others and redirects it to you for a pro-State branding campaign?

Newspaper articles abound with fools painted in national tattoos, chests welled up in false pride, and eyes shiny with tears proclaiming love and homage to artificially drawn political borders over a geographical area secured by violence.    Parasitic politicians come out in droves,  slavishly praising their athletes, especially if the athlete comes from their “home town”, eagerly lapped up by the salacious sycophantic press.

Why is this?

Why do people claim the right to feel kinship and pride to this person, when these same people made no contribution to the evolution and outcome of the athlete and sport, just because they are from the same political State or “hometown”?    Why is people, who had their money taxed away from them via State violence to pay for any subsidization of the training of these athletes?  Why is it a group of people enslaved to the taxation/inflation system of Country A is better or worse than another group of people enslaved to the taxation/inflation system of Country B?

I remember years ago, in Canada, when Ben Johnson won the 100m dash in a world record.  Canadians rejoiced in the reflected glory of winning the gold medal and breaking the world record.   Remember, these Canadians contributed nothing to the success or failure of Johnson.  The interesting part was, and I remember this well, was that when he won, it was a “proud” day for Canada.  When evidence but not conviction of steroid use became public, newspapers started tacitly (ok, blatantly) began referring to him as “Canadian-Jamaican” and when he was convicted of steroid use, they again changed their meme to “Jamaican born Ben Johnson…yada, yada,”.  LOL!

The Olympics represent a intellectual trap.  If your slaves can be artificially induced to feel pride in their political State, they are less likely to think “Taxation is theft!” and will more likely be induced to excoriate themselves into acquiescing to the State or call for the excoriation of others  who don’t.

Moreover, its an investment by the State in the future of the State.  When parents bring their children to the Olympic Torch parades and encourage them to feel the same bigotry of artificial pride in their own country,  it helps prevent the children from questioning the moral legitimacy of government.

These kids will help police others who dissent in the future, inheriting the same pro-State trolling their parents do.    They are basted in the juices of self-immolation delivering themselves into the jaws of the State,  beginning the journey from this:

to this (rumours abound she committed suicide…the military is “investigating”):

to this:

There is no glory in this.  There is no pride in this. Would parents consciously put their children in harms way?  Would parents murder/cannibalize their own children?

The Olympics is a massive brainwashing pogrom that deflects slaves into believing the looting and pillaging of their political masters are better than the looting and pillaging of other political masters.    Oh sure, we can vote to choose our next master, but we cannot vote *NOT* to be a slave.

F–k the Torch.