This article was funny.

Ottawa deliberately stoked the housing market during the crisis. It bought more than $65-billion worth of mortgages from lenders, giving them a cheap source of funds and allowing them to lend more.

Other than missing the central bank artificially driving interest rates to the floor in 2001-2002, I was a bit surprised a newspaper was this candid.

And there it is.

You are at a circus. You are watching a tightrope artist. However, your seats aren’t that great. You have an obstacle in front of you blocking your view below the artist. You cannot see what is below the wire.

At certain points along the wire, the artist does amazing acts of risk by doing backflips, handstands, and flipping back and forth along the wire. At other points along the wire, the artist is more prudent, taking great care and minimizing risky moves.

The audience cheers the artist on. It’s a great show.

As the act ends, the obstacles are removed and you now have a full view of the wire and the floor.

You can now see the safety nets. You note that the nets do not span across the entire length of the wire. It now flashes into your mind that where the nets were *NOT* present correlates to *EXACTLY* where the artist was prudent and took less risky moves, and where the nets were present is where the artist made all the daring moves.

So in otherwords, if bankers know they are going to be bailed out, why act prudently? Why shift your focus on risk when you can shift focus on return if you know you have government-sanctioned intervention in your business to bail you out with us serf’s money – it isn’t their money, why care?

Thus is the deleterious nature of debt-based fiat money and the fractional reserve banking model the State cartelizes our banks into. This model ensures systemic risk and inevitable failure where the entire financial system is at risk thanks to loans/derivatives pyramiding off each other.   All banks are insolvent.  Banks are being bailed out 24x7x365!

This is how the banksters loot and pillage us all, thanks to the State/Banking syndicate’s predatory model.

It won’t be fixed.

Government is a disease masquerading as its own cure.