From this article in the Globe and Mail:

Government use of ‘stealth’ taxes on rise

From levies on crustaceans and mollusks in France, to ‘accident response fees’ in U.S., officials find ways to help plug budget gaps

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Government use of ‘stealth’ taxes on rise

I thought this article was about inflation….one of the most insidious secret taxes around.

All these taxes may be presented as serving virtuous ends, but they also have something else in common: they help plug budget holes deepened by the recession, bailouts and billions in stimulus spending.

VIRTUOUS?!?!?! How do you present the initiation of violent force of robbing property from others – taxation – as a way to achieve virtue?!?!! Violence leads to virtue? Are you kidding me?

Ugh. Stop participating in this “red market”.

It’s SO easy to get out. Locate 4-5 trustworthy trading partners and start off the books businesses. Buy and sell from/to each other using sound money. You can even use cash at first, provided you convert any savings into a form of money not monopolized by a State/banking cartel, such as gold/silver/copper rounds/bars/coins.

Initially, you can only work part-time in your counter-economy as you still need to earn Permission To Live Points (sometimes called “dollars”) to pay your protection money to the State – taxation.

As your network grows as your trading partners invite more people to participate (no-one is going to ask someone who works for the CRA into the network) see the incentive and start their own respective businesses, more and more of the fruits of your labour cannot be siphoned off by the State into the pockets of the parasites. You are not free-loading off the State, you are preventing a parasitic class from free-loading off of you!

Look, the State is going to collapse anyway. A parasite like the State *ALWAYS* grows to the point where it consumes its host. Always. Wouldn’t you rather be prepared with your agorist network of trading partners to help you withstand the collapse?

I can’t strees the benefits of agorism. Trade. Voluntarism. Charity. Community. Compassion. Sustainable. Morality.

Not the sh-t sandwich we keep being served here.

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Next, I did commented again, in response to another poster with the handle “ichabod plain view”:

ichabod plain view

3/18/2010 7:12:58 AM
While the working stiff is struggling, big bro is sticking his hand further into the wallet.

This old fella is prepared to work around big bro, because taxation without representation is stealing, and why should I support a thief?


Representation is a fallacy.

It’s not like the market. In the market I can go vote with my wallet by product A. The guy behind me votes with his wallet by buying product B. I did not prevent him from attaining what he wants, nor did he prevent me from attaining what I wanted. There is no presence of coercion here. Both of us are satisfied.

In the context of voting, the dynamic changes. When we attempt to coerce each other within a given political riding to (a) ram a candidate down your neighbours throat or (b) prevent your neighbour from ramming a candidate down your throat, we are participating in an act of initiating aggression/violence against each other. We are trying to impose our wills on the other.

When someone is elected, they cannot represent conflicting interests of A and B at the same time. A majority of votes does not mean “moral credibility” as the minority who lost or did not participate in at all do not have representation. A majority is nothing more than “mob rules” or “might makes right”. The smallest minority on earth is the individual. Fail to protect the rights of the individual, you fail to protect the rights of a minority.

Taxation is the a minority of men initiating of force/violence against the majority by removing the fruits of ones labour. We cannot create virtue by violence.

I cannot steal from you. You cannot steal from me. I think we both agree we want to live in a society where we cannot steal from the other; it would rapidly degenerate into a cannibalistic society. If we agree on this, we also *MUST* agree that we cannot delegate this “non-right” to a third party – a violence monopoly a.k.a the government.

Taxation is theft.

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Who knows.  Nice to see though.

In another article, I commented there as well:

U.S. bank regulators got big bonuses too

Government handed out millions for ‘superior’ work in the runup to the meltdown

Now, I am not any advocate of regulation, but I kicked the comments section off with this:

Banks weren’t the only ones giving big bonuses in the boom years before the worst financial crisis in generations. The government also was handing out millions of dollars to bank regulators, rewarding “superior” work even as an avalanche of risky mortgages helped create the meltdown.


Nice. When you’re a government worker and have your salary funded by violence against your fellow citizens via taxation, it matters not if you do a good job or bad job. The Gun says we’re rewarding them for doing the work they *DID* do, but they are also rewarded for the job they *DIDN’T* do.

Ugh. Start your agorist network today!

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and again here, in response to a poster “Crusty Curmugeon”.

Crusty Curmudgeon

3/18/2010 7:21:18 AM
If God did not want them sheared, he would not have made them sheep.

If the peasants don’t have enough bread, let them eat cake.

We, the oppressed working class, need a good revolution to remove the vermin that are in control of our lives.


A revolution in terms of resisting the State is pointless. The first thing they did with the tribute money extracted from you via theft – taxation – was to ensure they owned all the superior firepower, the prisons, the courts, and all other nefarious tricks to protect themselves against you.

Any centralized resistance movement will meet with State firepower.

Agorism is your best bet to freedom. You can hide in plain sight!

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Trev from Orleans

3/18/2010 7:51:52 AM
Obviously they were paid well for doing what they were told to do.

Don’t forget the regulator that ended up working for Maddoff was originally assigned to audit him.

I’m sure he found out what Maddoff was doing and demanded a job with a significant raise. I believe he ended up as his son-in-law.

Think Madoff was a Ponzi scheme. You should see Social Security or our Debt Based Fiat Monetary System.

“Sounds like a good time to start tapping the nest egg. Too bad the federal government already spent that money over the years on other programs, preferring to borrow from Social Security rather than foreign creditors. In return, the Treasury Department issued a stack of IOUs — in the form of Treasury bonds — which are kept in a nondescript office building just down the street from Parkersburg’s municipal offices.”

Now the government will have to borrow even more money, much of it abroad (Tax Me’s note: Where? From China?) , to start paying back the IOUs, and the timing couldn’t be worse. The government is projected to post a record $1.5 trillion budget deficit this year, followed by trillion dollar deficits for years to come.”

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