I am toying with the idea of free market concepts by issuing them as “true news” stories.  For example, one might look like this:

And in other news, it was discovered in the underground economy there are trading networks who use sound money like silver and copper rounds/bars and occasionally gold as money.

What these market actors found as they increased productivity and efficiency, their money had a annual deflation rate of 7% – their purchasing power actually increased!

“It’s phenomenal.”, said Peaceful Trader. “The value of our money is actually going up year over year. We aren’t frightened that inflation will erode its value, so we don’t stampede into risking it on the market. As we have more value retained in our money, we can buy more goods and services in the future and this raises the standard of living of all who participate in the market producing economic value.

“Our charity networks are extensive, we have doctors, defense services, insurance companies, and arbitration agencies all in our market protecting us and resolving disputes in a peaceful manner. Those who do not abide by the ruling of a pre-determined arbitration process and appeal would be ostracized by other honest people. They wouldn’t *DARE* risk being branded as untrustworthy.”.

“We sympathize with others who are imprisoned to the mainstream economy via taxation and inflation, but its their own damn fault. We spent years telling them these things, and although we win the argument *EVERY SINGLE TIME*, they refuse to change their minds.”

“Seriously, what gives government money any value at all? Just because someone comes along and says, ‘Use my paper permission to live points or else!’? So they can steal the value out of money in circulation by printing up a bunch of it and giving it to themselves or their connected insiders?”

The Bank of Canada refused to comment.

Or this:

In other news, we interviewed a stock market in the agorist economy:

“What dynamics in your stock market differ from the mainstream stock market regulated by a violence monopoly we sometimes call government?”, we asked Agorist Stock Broker.

“Much different.”, she said. “For one, the monetary system here is asset based. People are free to choose what form of money in an agorist society, so inflationary money is either (a) discarded, or (b) has very high exchange rates. Competition over time bred out inferior forms of money, so via a spiraling feedback loop in the market amongst actors, the widest used money in circulation settled in on gold, silver, or copper coins, produced by multiple competing mints who have standardized on weight and purity as a result of market demand.”.

“This money actually appreciates in value as productivity, efficiency, and scarcity is better allocated, so it is *VERY* difficult to entice Joe Six-pack into the market. There is no central agency imposing tax codes, deferral vehicles like RRSPs, pension plan funds, and huge swaths of money trying to eke out a profit in every nook and cranny in the market, trying to at least beat inflation or generate a return.”

“In order for a company to entice investment, they have to spend a great deal of time convincing the market they are worthy of investment. To do that, they make every effort to be accountable and transparent to the market. No regulatory agencies need apply in this market. In addition, business trustworthiness agencies have sprung up similar to credit agencies in the red market. It’s VERY tough to get people to part with capital without presenting a viable business plan with a healthy return. Capital is rationed out very carefully meeting market demand.”.

“No limited liability laws exist for businesses; the market wouldn’t tolerate the idea of a violence monopoly shielding officers in a company directing it in a way that harms others.”.

The Gov’t of Canada had no comment.

It seems to be an effective way of relaying thought into others heads as they are used to sound bytes like this.  Speak it like it already happened.