Speechless.  Vile.  Immoral.  And all too predictable:

Show this to statists who argue “I don’t care how many people die, I want my [insert government “service” here]!”.  Nice to see this video has had 3.6 million views since it was posted 4 days ago on April 3rd, 2010. Now.  If only it could beat Susan Boyle’s videos…

In a related story, Yahoo News publishes this with the headline:

Leaked video shows civilian killings in Iraq, signifies growing power of independent Web journalism


Unsuppressed video depicts wholesale government slaughter of civilians, signifies growing failure of the mainstream media cartel’s grip on [mis|dis]information agents for the State.

In order for governments to initiate force, it must first initiate force against its’ own human livestock first by siphoning off their productivity to create and perpetuate the war machine.  Sometimes we call this taxation.

It’s only terrorism when the other side does it, right?