Be it Communism, Fascism, Democracy, Plutocracy, State Capitalism, Monarchy, Oligarchy, it doesn’t really matter.


Because all of them are economic ideologies. They are “Human Livestock Farming Manuals” or “How to run a Tax Farm” or “How can we maximize production of the people so we may siphon off as much wealth as possible”.

Some of these manuals work better than others…that’s all.

For example, if I am a farmer and try to cram too many chickens into a coop, my chickens will get sick, depressed, and/or diseased. Net result? My costs go up and egg production down.

Now, if I give my chickens more freedom (not to be confused with free) by reducing the number of them, letting them run around – free-range, they will produce more eggs…and that is what I want to harvest, right? Keep the chickens enthusiastic.

If I have 1000 cows but pen them in too tightly, again, same problem. They will bang their heads against their pens, aliments rise, and so forth. Net result? Milk production down. Meat quality poor. How do are the cows kept enthusiastic about production?

Solution: Expand their pens. Let them walk in the yard. Give them more freedom – but never free. If one of the cows jumps the fence, what does the farmer do? Well, if it makes the remaining 999 cows more enthusiastic about production because they believe they can jump the fence too, the farmer says, “F–k it, let it go.”. In the meantime, the farmer constructs better fences to make it more difficult for the other cows to leave.

Different techniques…same objectives.

Countries are merely tax farms.

This article was interesting:

Greek prime minister George Papandreou Friday requested the activation of a €40-billion-plus bailout package as the country’s financial health spirals downward.

Most legal systems in relatively freer (not to be confused with free) countries recognize a contract is null and void if one or more of the parties signed it was:

  • under duress (i.e. coercion)
  • incapacitated (i.e. drunks, lunatics etc)
  • a minor

Given these criterion, I find it a difficult and fallacious argument to posit sovereign debt to be repaid via the “social contract”. Why?

  • Taxation is force or coercion.
  • The debt is passed on to children and the unborn. I definitely classify the unborn as minors, don’t you?

And just in case the above two points aren’t enough for you, the unborn didn’t even *SIGN* the contract! Clearly it cannot morally and legally obligate them at all!

Some people signed their names to a Constitution generations ago. Is your name on it? Did you agree? Are you free to disagree?  It is a non-binding contract then.

The managers of the Tax Farm known as Greece will accept the loan today obligating the existing and future production of the human livestock penned within its fences/borders as collateral.

To keep the livestock from jumping the fence, the farmers will promote mythologies such as nationalism, patriotism, the value of family, and build higher fences to make it more difficult for the livestock to leave. Of course these fences are constructed under the livestocks very noses that they don’t see…until they try and jump the fence.

Nothing complicated here at all.

Be it Blue, Red, Orange, or Green farmers, all they are proposing is tweaks to the manuals. The how the livestock is to produce for the farmers is an academic exercise, but the requirement the livestock produce is basic.

It get’s even better. Let’s say the 1 cow that jumps the fence comes back. Not into the fields of the farm, but presses up against the fence and tells the other 999 remaining cows, “Hey! It’s sweet out here! No more hooking your udders up the vacuum! No more of us being marched into “The Place” (abattoir) where we check in, but never check out! Come on over!”.

Suppose 1 or 2 of the cows says, “That sounds like a really good idea! I’m a coming!”. What happens?

a) The farmer declares that cow a terrorist.
b) The farmer shoots the cow.
c) The farmer from Farm A extradites the cow in case it landed in Farm B as a wanted bovine. Farm B of course will comply as they have agreed to not steal each others cows.  An extradition order is essentially a “non-compete” clause  between Farm A and Farm B.  That way farmers do not have to compete against each other to keep the cows happy and enthusiastic about producing for their respective Farmer.
d) The farmer declares the cow treasonous and marks it with sedition.

However, none of that has to happen anymore. Why?

The 1 or 2 cows who want to leave to join the first cow will immediately be gored by the remaining cows as they say, “If you leave, we’ll be forced to work more! F–k you!”. Then those remaining cows wave their Farm’s flag and moo the Tax Farm anthem….that another cow wrote.

The farmer doesn’t even have to lift a finger.

It’s pretty telling, isn’t it?

Have a look at what the human livestock of the Tax Farm known as Iceland are doing:

The herd’s mindset: “Anna Margret Bjoernsdottir never thought she would be forced to leave her once wealthy homeland, but after 18 months of economic upheaval she has decided to join the biggest emigration wave from Iceland in more than a century.”

The cows sentiment?: “”I’m so angry about this government,” Bjoernsdottir said.”

The cows remaining?: “”I don’t want my daughter to have to pay for this,” she said. “I just have such a bad feeling about what’s happening here.”

Oh my. This will never do. The herd is leaving. The farmer cannot pledge the today’s and tomorrow’s productivity of the herd as collateral.

The farmer cannot predict as to how much productivity he can siphon off without killing the herd.  All it takes for the cows to stop consenting.

The farmer is running out of victims.