Focus or die: The G8 fights for survival

OK. Look.

Economies are simply the aggregate of millions of atomic transactions per day. Some of those transactions benefit each who are involved (free trade). Some do not (paying taxes).

All the G8/G20 are are a group of Tax Farms. A Tax Farm – sometimes called a “nation” or a “country” – is nothing more than a geographical region with a fence around it where Farmers agree not to steal each other’s human livestock.

Once and a while, Farmers get together and compare notes. What they are doing is trying to improve the Human Livestock Farming Manuals. The purpose is to maximize resources for the ruling class to siphon off the herd’s productivity.

These Farming Manuals have names. For example, “State Capitalism”, “Fascism”, “Marxism”, “Communism”, “Monarchies”, “Aristocracies”, “Republics”, and yes, “Democracy”. Some of these manuals work better than others.

For example, most Farmers have come to the realization that a mixture of “State Capitalism” and “Democracy” can be blended together to keep the herd producing enthusiastically. Slaves have notoriously poor output and are more susceptible to diseases through poor mental health. The Tax Farmers have figured out if they let the livestock choose their Head Farmer, they’ll be more enthusiastic about producing. The Farmers called this “voting”.

The Farmers also figured out that if they crammed too much livestock into a pen, they’d feel less free and output would drop. So they widened the pens and gave the livestock more freedom…but never free.

One amazing thing the Farmers discovered to their sheer delight, was if one member of the herd wanted to be free, all *OTHER* members of the herd would turn on him/her and gore him. The slave-on-slave violence was truly a remarkable feat of social engineering.

A massive looting and pillaging technique the G8/20 farmers use is debt-based fiat currency.

Tax Farms permission to live and work points – sometimes confused with “money” – is entirely manufactured by the Farmers State/Banking operation.

All money is created out of debt. Every last unit of it. All money in circulation represents another’s liability. Debt carries interest and must be repaid. Interest generated on existing loans can only be paid back via the principal from future loans.

If the Tax Farm does not grow it’s productivity infinitely, the money in circulation will begin to contract as the old loans are being serviced but not enough new loans created. This tends to cause massive unrest in the herd. Left unchecked, or the herd no longer responds to the carrot in front of their noses – sometimes called “cheap credit” – the monetary unit in circulation collapses in hyper-deflation. The herd would be stampeding wildly at this point and not providing the farmers sustenance.

This will never do.

A few privileged Farm Hands – sometimes called a “central “bank” or a “private bank” ) get to print money out of “thin air” in return for another’s obligation. However, only the Farmers may pledge the unborn’s future potential productivity as collateral for the debt taken on today. If the Farm Hands tried it, the jig would be up as the livestock only see the Farmer as legitimate, but not the Farm Hands.

Canada: Best Managed Tax Farm 2010.