There’s a trident buried in your cerebral frontal lobes.

The first prong is the bigotry/biases of your parents who were your first influences from 0 to about when…16? 17? years old.

The second prong is 12-14 years of government indoctrinating veal pens euphemistically called “public education” that prevented you from learning in your arguably most receptive state of mind in your lifetime.

The third prong is a pro-State shilling/trolling media cartel delivering “booster shots” inoculating you from critical thinking skills, true analysis, and deflecting you back into the matrix.

I pulled mine out. It hurts like hell and I still have shrapnel in my brain I’m dealing with.  You know what was harder?  Becoming aware of the existence of the trident.

The truth is not about learning something new, it is about unlearning something old. Get out of your wheelchair. You’re not broken. The story and the story alone is broken. – Stefan Molyneux