The best example of anarchy I can point to is all of us in our personal lives.

In relatively freer countries, no one tells you who your friends are, who to marry, where to live and work, what to buy, what to wear, where to shop, what to eat and so forth.

You don’t beat the sh-t out of the clerk at Starbucks to give you a coffee, nor do you beat the sh-t out of an employer who didn’t give you a job when you wanted one.

We organize our own affairs. That’s everyday anarchy at work, no?

Real anarchists respect property rights.

That’s why they loathe the existence of an institution that claims to protect person and property yet cannot exist without initiating force/violence against said persons and decide how much of their property they get to keep.  In case you’re not following, that institution is the one you bless/sanction if you vote – government.

Unfortunately, the word “anarchy” has been hijacked by the status quo and memed around to mean smelly violent 20-somethings that get off on destroying property. The status quo had to do that, otherwise most of us would ask, “What’s wrong with anarchy?” or “We’ve had 6000 years of government and smarter people than us tried to get it right. Is it going to be right after 6001 years? 6002? When? It’s time to admit it. It’s a failed notion. We have to do better than this.”

Look. Sometimes, the truth isn’t about learning something new, it’s about unlearning something old. We need to get out of our mental wheelchairs we involuntarily got into via the biases/bigotry of our parents, being deflected from learning in public schools, and blinded by mainstream media. It’s the story that’s broken. Not you. Get out of the wheelchair. Culture is the scar tissue of child abuse.