Imagine if you were free to disagree.

Those who support the war would be free to write the defense department a big check. No one would initiate force against those who supported the war and would attempt to prevent them from paying.

Those who *DO NOT* support the war would be free to withhold payment to the defense department. No one would initiate force against those who did not support the war and would attempt to force them to pay.

Imagine if we respected our children and could not deficit finance a war using their future productivity as collateral for debts incurred today.

Imagine if the State could not spend money allocated for other projects or programs elsewhere to fund the war.

What would happen?

As the costs of war mounted, the costs would fall away from those who disagreed and accrue to those who supported war. How long would their support last? Even if the war ended, one cannot forget they’d be obligated to financially remunerate soldier’s families in some way. How long would their support last as the drove their families into financial destitution? What discord would be created in such a family? Would it be worth it?

Their support would hang in the sky like bricks don’t.

Imagine if this viewpoint was not suppressed by my priestly class now known as the mainstream media. Imagine if it were allowed to ricochet in my indoctrination camps called “public education” that deflect you from learning in your arguably most receptive state of absorption in your lifetime.

Imagine if it ricocheted around the entire world. In all tax farms.

If you were free to disagree, war would…end.

It is said soldiers died for our freedoms. If this were true, soldiers would have fought me when I turned the war tax into the income tax. Over the years, I have gotten larger, more intrusive, and more costly than ever before. The initiation of violence does not beget virtue, but more violence.