“Those who make peaceful revolution impossible will make violent revolution inevitable.” – John F. Kennedy.

Why do I write this blog?

My political evolution went like this:

  • A conservative voter.  I’m sorry.
  • A green party voter.  I’m sorry.
  • A libertarian voter.  I’m sorry.  (I have old posts dedicated to the 2008 Ron Paul campaign as I was an enthusiastic supporter…then I evolved.  Stupid moral principles.)
  • A minarchist.  I’m sorry.  (Minarchism leads to totalitarianism as agnosticism leads to religion)
  • A voluntarist a.k.a an agorist a.k.a an anarchist (yikes!) 🙂

What is anarchy?  I don’t like to do that word as it has been co-opted by the State/Media cartel to mean unhygienic thugs running around blowing up buildings and injuring/killing people.  If that’s the definition of anarchy, I want no part of that.  However, I can’t talk to someone for any length of time as a voluntarist without them saying, “OMFG!  Oh noes!  You’re teh anarchistsssstsstss!”.  🙂 <— Caution!  Public education at work!

Turning to dictionary.com, it seems they have conflicting definitions.  For example an anarchist (retrieved on 06/24/2010) is:

Okay.  I do not advocate violence, so (2) is out.   I don’t promote disorder, although disorder does occur and can be remedied by people’s ability to organize, so I’ll drop (3).  What does (1) mean?  Turning now to the definition of “anarchy” (retrieved on 06/24/2010) is:

  1. Doesn’t say whether or not that society was better or worse off.  It also doesn’t state whether or not that society had positive behaviour encouraged and/or deterred negative behaviour.  Market ostracization can be remarkably effective.  Just ask prisoners.
  2. Makes me laugh.  The death of the king was following by an unprecedented year of peace and prosperity as no economic wealth was removed from the Kingdom by force. Maybe they got to enjoy the fruits of their labour without having it taxed away!
  3. Whoa.  That’s for me.  Why didn’t dictionary.com define an anarchist as someone  who believes in that?  See the confusion that abounds around the word “anarchy”?
  4. Intellectual and moral anarchy followed his loss of faith? Does that mean he had an unprecedented boosts in learning, critical thinking, and intelligence once he stopped believing in some spook writing messages on stone?  Maybe he realized minarchy leads to totalitarianism as agnosticism leads to religion.

You can witness my evolution (I was an avid Ron Paul supporter back in 2007-8) of poor writing and falsely believing a predatory tiger like the State can be restrained by a paper cage (i.e. a Constitution, a Bill of Rights, or whatever).

I invite you to join me in the evolution too.

Welcome aboard.